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What Is A Language Coach And Why You Need One

When you stop and think about it, we have a wealth of possibilities nowadays when we want to start learning Arabic compared to those available 15 to 20 years ago. For example, if you wanted to start learning Arabic 20 years ago, there were just a few grammar books available at your local bookshops.

However, these days, if you want to start learning Arabic, you can download apps and audiobooks, read ordinary books, send messages, talk to people on Skype, and get instant feedback. All of that is amazing if you have the intention to learn Arabic. So why is it that, even with an abundance of resources, possibilities and connections, some people still struggle with learning foreign languages?

That is a question many people still find themselves asking, and that is where a language coach comes into play to give them the answer!

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Have you ever found yourself wanting to start to learn Arabic and telling yourself: “I’m going to learn this language!”? The next thing you know you start collecting language learning material from the internet, platforms, apps and so on. Then, after a while, you start to get confused because there are so many resources out there that you don’t even know how or where to get started. After you start learning, you might also get discouraged after two or three weeks or even two or three days!

This is why a language coach is so important! A language coach can help you find an efficient and effective schedule that is personal to you, help you find the right material for you, help you by giving you missions and assignments, and help you by giving you feedback. A language coach can help you do all these things and more!

If you yet decide to do the translation on your own, there are always certain things you need to pay attention to. Sometimes it is spelling, sometimes it is the word order and sometimes it is the grammar itself. The internet is full of apps and programs that can facilitate the translation. For example, you can check GrammarGang list of top grammar checkers online.

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A coach is there to give you moral support when your enthusiasm starts to wane, and a coach will help keep you accountable. Imagine a language coach and a student like two stars or two planets orbiting around each other. The center of gravity is exactly in the middle because it comes from collaboration.

Your success as a student is the success of your coach. True, a coach may not be able to teach you a language (after all, they are coaches, not teachers), but a coach can facilitate that process. Coaches won’t be giving you homework, they’ll be giving you missions. They may not be able to give lessons, but they can give guidance. Marks don’t exist for them, but feedback does. With a few coaching lessons you can truly revolutionize your language learning world, then walk down the language path by yourself.

Remember, nobody can teach you a language – you have to learn it yourself. However, if you’re looking for more inspiration, motivation and resources, then feel free to check out the blog section of You can also download the Arabic app.

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