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What if You Can’t Afford a Lawyer?

So it comes down to this, you are being sued! Whether it’s your fault or not, there is no way getting out of a legal dispute that has to be settled in court. Once you get served, the only outcome is to appear in court and settle the issue.
However, legal costs are not cheap. Hiring a lawyer can cost you a pretty penny, and if the proceeding drags on, it will only incur more cost.
So what can you do if you can’t afford a lawyer?
In criminal cases, if you are not able to afford a lawyer, the state will provide you with one. But in civil cases, you have to get creative in order to find suitable representation.
Here are some tips and advice to get legal help if you do not have money for one.

Seek Help from Legal Aid Societies

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A legal aid society is a non-profit organization that provides legal services to low-income people. It actually exists in many countries and can be really easy to hire. If money is an issue, you will most likely be able to qualify for their services.
The downside is that not all people can qualify. Only people with low income can get legal help from an aid society. In most ways, people already have a high enough income so they may not be able to fit into this offer. However, it is an option that is worth exploring you are in legal trouble.

Get Outside Funding

If you have watched any legal drama on TV, the real-life process is not at all as exciting as an episode of Boston Legal. However, the costs that are mention are pretty real, actually much more real than you think. A case may drag on for a long period and during all that time, you have to pay all kinds of legal fees. So a great solution would be to find outside funding.
There are certain companies that are able to offer you a loan and cover your legal costs. Baker Street Funding is such a company as they may offer you legal coverage of up to $50 million. This will help you get out of a sticky financial situation and get your bills in order until your case is done.

Get Help from a Law School

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Getting a law student from a law school to represent you might be a good option if money is an issue. You are doing them a favor and yourself. Many aspiring students who want to become lawyers one day will be happy to represent you.
Student lawyers are certified to practice law under a faculty member who is an attorney as well. They will plead your case instead of you and will give their best to represent you. Qualifying for this may also be an issue as it depends on your income as well. However, it is much easier to get than you might think. Laws vary by state and by country, so it may be a good idea to look into this solution.

Find a Pro Bono Attorney

Yes! Pro bono means free. If an attorney offers pro bono services, it means that they are going to represent you for free. How is this possible? Simple, many attorneys are required by law to fulfill a certain amount of pro bono work per year. It might just happen that a certain lawyer needs to make his or her norm and you may just fit in their plans.
Also, some attorneys are willing to offer pro bono work if the client has a strong case. Also, if the case is interesting and may provide some sort of a challenge for a lawyer, they may also choose to represent you for free. Tray making calls to lawyers that you can find and present your case to them in detail. You might get lucky and find a good lawyer that is willing to provide services for your case free of charge.
A wise man once said, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” I am not sure if it was a famous man who said this, but it really does make sense. It is no shame to ask for outside help and resources to get out of a difficult situation. If you get into legal trouble without any money, try using these solutions as they could really work.

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