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California Fires: Update

Before we tell you what’s going on in California and its wildfires in 2019, we have to make sure that you understand how they first start. These fires in California are able to move through thousands of acres of land in just a few hours and can set fire to anything. Whether its trees, cars, buildings, when we say everything we mean everything because the temperatures can reach up to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. The speed at which these flames are moving can vary anywhere between 2-3 miles per hour and 15 miles an hour. This means that it can “outrun” an average running human in just a few minutes.

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In the last ten or twenty years, wildfires have become a lot more serious problems than in the past. The destruction the fires have caused in the US in the last 10 years is worse than what the fires have done in the last 50 years. In 2015, we saw one of the largest and the most dangerous wildfire seasons in the entire history of the United States. These awful fire caused damage to more than 15 million acres of land all over the nation.

Another important thing you should know about wildfires is that only 10 percent of the wildfires are believed to be naturally caused, while the other 90 percent is probably caused by a human. These either could have been done unintentionally by negligence such as a discarded cigarette, unattended campfire or intentionally by arson and setting debris on fire.

Current wildfire status in California

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While the state is working hard on slowing down the fires and stop their spread with the help of other neighboring states, more fires are still appearing. A serious fire started in Ventura County and another one also started near Santa Paula just a few days ago.

If you want to know more about the California wildfires, we recommend that you check out Daily Scanner.

The Largest California fire this wildfire season

Kincade fire is one of the largest fires this season that started somewhere mid to end of October. As of today, it has burned more than seventy-seven thousand acres of land, although it has a containment of seventy percent. Because of the high percentage of containment, most evacuations have been completely lifted. Luckily after so much damage in such a large piece of land and to so many structures, there have been no deaths related to this fire. Civilians have returned to their cities such as Windsor, Healdsburg, Napa County, and Santa Rosa.

Other fires

The Easy-Fire

This fire ignited just a few weeks ago and has managed to burn off at least 2,000 acres of land, but luckily the government has been working hard on containing this fire. After a few days, it was reported that 90% of the fire has been contained and no evacuations were issued.

Hill Fire

This fire started on the same day as the Easy-Fire and has burnt over 600 acres of land. A couple of homes have been damaged, but the fire has been containment and all the evacuation orders were lifted.

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