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What Flowers Should you Buy for Your Mother

It is hard to find the perfect gift that expresses the right feelings toward your mom, but a beautiful bouquet is probably the closest you can get. Whether it is a casual gift without a special occasion, on her birthday or even on Mother’s Day, a gift like this will always steal her heart. It is also a good alternative as a last-minute idea for a gift or if you still have not decided what you want to gift her, you can use a bouquet as a delay for the real gift.

If you are looking for the perfect bouquet for your mother, you can choose between all these varieties of flowers we have picked for you.


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Tulips can have a lot of meanings and each one differs depending on the color you pick. A purple tulip represents royalty, while a red tulip is known for romance or love. While can be either give as an apology or to represent cheerfulness and pink is usually known to be a show of affection. There are a lot of varieties of this flower. French, lily-fringed, parrot, fringed and many more. But no matter what variety of color you choose, tulips are never a bad pick for a gift and it will surely make your mom very happy.


The orchid is a flower to get for a trendy mother, a mom that loves bold colors, exotic styles, and new fashion. They are commonly considered as the most highly evolved flower plant and they also come in a huge variety of sizes and colors. They are also easy to care for houseplant. If you can’t decide which color you should get for your mother, then try pink which usually represents elegance, femininity, and poise.

If you want to buy the perfect flower for your mom’s birthday or any other special occasion then we recommend you check out


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Carnation is the flower that started this whole tradition. In 1907, the founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, sent 500 carnations to every single mother at her congregation in West Virginia on the anniversary of her own mother’s death. There are a lot of meanings for the different colored carnations. The white carnation represents unconditional or pure love and good luck while the pink carnations symbolize a mother’s love. As a bonus to all this is that carnations are a very long-lasting flower.


Coming in different shades of red, purple, white and sometimes even pink, peonies make an awesome gift for your mom. These flowers can represent a lot of things, from happy marriages and good fortune to a mother’s love. The best thing about this flower is that they can grow very large, which means a bouquet of peonies can bloom into a beautiful centerpiece. They also smell amazing!


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Roses are always a classic, which makes them a great gift for your mom. You should probably skip the red color since it is usually associated with romance so go for the pink color which symbolizes love, gratitude, and appreciation. White is also a great option that represents purity and cream-colored roses show thoughtfulness.

If you want to surprise your mom tomorrow with a beautiful bouquet then make sure you pick one of these flowers from our recommendation.

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