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How to Choose Flowers for Different Occasions – 2024 Guide

For every project, there is the right team, and for every occasion, there is a right flower. Choosing a bouquet can be a difficult and time-consuming task, even more, difficult than choosing a gift for someone. Each flower carries a specific meaning, such as the different colors make specific flowers more suitable for some occasions than others.

If you’re unable to decide what kind of flowers to give, you may decide to go for floral or flower subscriptions such as these and to choose the perfect flowers for certain occasions. In this article, you will be able to read about what flowers you should give on certain occasions. Let’s take a look:

1. Dates

Keep in mind that flowers for a first date should not be overwhelming. Orchids, Dandelions, and Tulips are not intimidation, hence, they are the best choice. However, if you have been dating for some time, nothing will make the date better than traditional red roses.

2. Valentine’s Day

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Speaking of the traditional red rose, they symbolize love, pink roses elegance, and yellow roses represent joy. Hence, these roses will be a perfect combination for a Valentine’s Day bouquet. However, you should avoid getting only yellow roses for your partner, since they represent friendship, not love and affection. But, if you find yellow roses that have red tips, they can represent joy, love, and friendship at the same time.

3. Anniversaries

With anniversaries, seasonal flowers go best since it will represent the time of the year you are representing. For spring, you can opt for pale, gentle flowers such as peach blossom or peony. Summer flowers should be vibrant and bright, hence, you can choose sunflowers, gold, yellow, or pink roses. Fall flowers are darker but very rich in color, therefore, gold roses and lilies are suitable since they will match the changing trees. Flowers that blossom during winter include orchids, pansies, and chrysanthemums. If you want to check out some mesmerizing bouquets that feature sunflowers, visit

4. Get Well Soon

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The first thing that you should consider when wanting to send flowers to someone who is ill is where are they staying. If they are in a hospital room, you should not choose overly fragrant flowers. Tulips and Irises are vibrant and they add color to a somewhat dark hospital room. However, if they are recovering at home, opt for marigolds that represent resilience, and white-yellow flowers such as daffodils that represent rebirth. However, you should avoid daylilies, since they are often given at funerals.

5. Birthdays

If you know what the recipient’s favorite flower is, you should get them that. However, if you do not know, you should get them the flower that is associated with their birth month. Do some research online and find out what flower represents their birth month.

6. Sympathy

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When sending flowers to someone that is grieving, bright flowers like lilies or daisies are recommended. Blue and purple shades represent rebirth and hope.

7. Thank You

If you need to thank a colleague, family member, or a friend, the best thing you should do is to choose their favorite flower. But, if you do not know what their favorite flower is, you should opt for pale flowers. Pinks, yellows, and whites show appreciation. Lilies, daisies, and carnation are good for this category.


Whatever the occasion is, flowers are always a nice touch and you can easily pair them with other gifts that you might have bought for the person. Also, you should keep in mind that you do not always need a reason to give someone flowers, you can pleasantly surprise them and lift the mood by giving them flowers whenever you think of it.

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