3 Ways To Improve Your Low Converting Landing Page

Countless amounts of visitors are splashing off of your landing pages.

The visitors aren’t sticking around for too long, you’re barely getting any leads, and to make matters worse?

The stress is starting to pile up as you feel the slow pain of your money being thrown out the window.

So what do you do?

Sometimes, the honorable choice can be to scrap your landing page and give up.

However, on the other hand, lies the few important ways to fix your landing page and stop the bleeding as much as possible.

Your New & Improved High Converting Landing Page

For this specific article, we will be using a lead generation landing page as an example.

So keep in mind that the primary goal of a lead generation sheet is to capture leads, and that’s what we will be focusing on as opposed to making sales.

Let’s get this party started with tip number one.

1) Make The Process As Easy As Possible

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That is a simple way to turn around your failing marketing campaign quickly.

First, I want you to imagine this scenario very quickly.

You have 1,000 leads, and they are all very interested in the freebie that you’re offering.

So instead of just handing it to them, you decide to try a different route.

  • You make them give you their full name, email address, and home address.
  • You have them create a long password of at least 20 characters.
  • Lastly, they have to scroll to the bottom of the sheet to get what they want.

If that sounds like a nightmare scenario when it comes to getting your audience what they want? Then I’d certainly have to agree.

You never want to make the process of collecting leads any more complicated than it needs to be, especially for your visitors.

Here are a few tips that go along with making the process easier.

There’s No Need To Scroll

Your lead capture sheet doesn’t have to scroll down a few pages. I recommend that you altogether remove the ability to scroll.

What this does is keep your visitors focused on only one spot on the page, which includes them getting what they want and then entering their email address.

Too Much Information Isn’t Needed

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Depending on what you are going to be needing leads for, you mustn’t overwhelm your visitors when it comes to the amount of information that they have to enter.

If you want to get the maximum amount of leads? Ask for their email.

Don’t ask for anything else unless you need to. For example, if you’re sending a physical product, then yes, you will need the visitors` home address.

Have you ever seen affiliate marketing companies that offer to pay per lead? Sometimes a point can be worth four dollars, five dollars, or even more per single lead.

The reason for this is because leads are usually harder to generate, as your visitors have to jump through more hoops and provide more information. Ultimately, it’s much harder to get points like this.

So keep that in mind when it comes to your lead generation sheet. Always make the process easier to complete, and you’ll get more leads in the process.

2) Personalize Your Landing Page

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That is a quick one, but it works very well (depending on your goal).

So the more personalized your landing sheet is, the higher the chances that it’s going to convert well.

Sometimes all you need to do is call out who you’re trying to reach.

  • Free Video Training For Affiliate Marketers.
  • Free Video Training For Personal Trainers.
  • Free Video Training For Golfers.

Here is the template.

*Free (gift) For (your target audience).

Also, have you ever seen those ads where they specifically call you out by your location?

Here is a quick example.

Lower Your Insurance In (Your City Here).

That is just a small example, but it’s a great way to capture the attention of your audience, which is the first part of the conversion process.

There’s plenty of ways to do this when it comes to PPC advertising, too, as you can match your lead capture page copy with matching data like keywords and demographics.

Instapage is a perfect example of a software that does this, which you can see the costs explained by IMNights here.

However you do it though, see if you can add some personalization to your lead generation page.

3) Split Test Like A Boss

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I saved the best for last, as this is one of the easiest ways to increase your conversions.

Here is what you need to do.

  • Create two lead capture pages.
  • Create a benefit-heavy headline with one sheet.
  • Create another benefit-heavy headline on the other page.

So, all you need to do is split the traffic evenly (50-50) between each of the two landing pages. After you send anywhere from 500-1,000 visitors, check and see which one is the winner.

You can then use that winner and split-test it with a new variation, and the goal from then on out is to beat the control.

Remember to make only small changes in your landing sheet so that you can accurately assess what is causing the higher (or lower) conversions.


Those are three helpful ways to resurrect the conversions of your lead capture page.

These tips become very important when it comes to PPC marketing, as it will allow you to ultimately lose less money in the process while increasing the number of fresh leads that you bring in daily.

So just because your landing page doesn’t seem to be converting where you want it to be, doesn’t mean that you need to throw in the towel and give up.

Sometimes all it takes is a quick extra look from someone else, and sometimes all it takes it one of these tips to get it where you’d like it to be.

Keep working at it, as marketing is a game of tweaking and editing.

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