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The Guide to Promoting Your YouTube Channel

Wondering how to promote your YouTube channel? ISs focusing on the content enough? What if you don’t have a significant marketing budget? How do you ensure more eyeballs to your YouTube channel? With the many amazing YouTube channels, it could seem difficult.

However, it’s not as worrisome as it seems – with these simple steps, you can gain more views and popularity.

Unique and Quality Presentation

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Viewers appreciate a YouTube channel that has something more to offer to them. You could be doing a make-up tutorial and be just one among a bazillion other make-up tutorial videos. However, if you were to add something unique to it, like a catchy intro and/or outro, or a striking channel name, or banners for your thumbnails, it will get the viewers’ attention.

Speaking of thumbnails of your videos, prefer color schemes that are contrasting and intriguing. YouTube promotion is easier that way.

As advised by Viboom, Always make your videos in high quality. In this age, viewers prefer clean 4K videos with clear audios and good editing, and the video quality and way of presentation will add to the factors of attraction. Always choose quality over quantity.

Optimizing your Channel in Searches

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Most viewers find a video that matches what they want through a search engine. Google, for instance, notes the most searched keywords and phrases, so you can name your videos according to these most searched keywords. Using tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner can help you reach out to more viewers, quicker.

That being said – you want more people to click on your channel when they see what you have to offer. A no-brainer on that is to not forget writing the channel’s description – but keep it short.

You can add a few catchy keywords too. Include relevant hashtags, but tagging too much could result in penalization by YouTube. Clickbait or sale-toned descriptions could direct your videos to the spam category.

You can also drop your contact information, namely your Twitter handle or Facebook page, where a viewer or another YouTuber can directly contact you, in the description. It can help you build contacts, and even better, you can form partnerships and get sponsors!

Conducting Contests, Giveaways and Other Interactions with Viewers

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These are not clickbait’s, but they sure will attract attention. The more you interact with the viewers, the more will they get accustomed to you. Conducting contests and a small giveaway where you can let only your subscribers participate is a good tactic to increase your subscriber count. And when you hit a milestone number in subscriptions, you can host Q&A videos where you answer chosen questions asked by your viewers in the comments. This, while strengthening your bond with the viewers, can also add to your traffic, due to the hike in comments.

Do not forget to ask your viewers to like, share, comment and subscribe to your channel. It will be well-executed if you ask it while signing off at the end of your videos.

Respect the Community Guidelines and be Active

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Your level of activity in producing quality content and your code of conduct will reflect on your number of subscribers. Try to be more active, and try not to take long breaks, as it will affect the interest of your followers. Even when not uploading any videos, reach out to them through social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

The community guidelines are like the Bible for YouTubers. You should make sure that your content doesn’t break any of these guidelines or have inappropriate content in them. YouTube takes these guidelines seriously, and the inappropriate content will be flagged down and removed from recommendation. A video getting flagged down will affect your channel negatively.

Creating Playlists and Series

Making your channel organized for your viewers will help them in navigating through it. It will also make it easier for them to follow through your content even if something was not posted chronologically. The videos can be categorized into playlists based on the type or theme of videos.

For example, if you are a beauty guru who makes videos of make-up techniques and tries out videos of new beauty products in the market, you can categorize your videos into two playlists based on these.

Creating a video series that has similar themes will also help with boosting your views. The series can be as simple as a daily vlog or based on a timely trend, but making it a part of a series gives your channel a sense of individuality.

Using Online Services to boost your Channel

Now, there are many YouTube channel promotion sites but you need to find the one right for you. YouTube video promotion at times can seem tricky, so you need to choose a service that adheres to YouTube’s guidelines and doesn’t get categorized as an ad or spam. You can promote one or more videos. It will be better to promote the videos that you consider as the best out of your whole content or the ones that can push a viewer to sit and watch. It is much advised that your YouTube promotion video(s) be short in length, as it has been proven that viewers prefer them.

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