15 Hallway Wallpaper Ideas for Your Home – 2024 Ideas

The hallway is one of the most important common areas of the house. It is the area where guests are welcomed and first meet the energy of your home. You will start the day after passing behind that door, or your day will end after you enter through that door. When you feel stressed, feel happy, or open this door at any time, you take a breath. The corridor can be thought of as an adaptation area in transition from outside to the interior. Your first-time guests, loved ones, family members, or friends can learn a lot of attention with you at the entrance of your home. The wallpapers beautify your hallway, and returning after a stressful day gives you a sense of relaxation. Of course, to create all these effects in your corridor, you need to know your area well and make your area design properly. How does? You can start by examining the 15 stunning hallway wallpaper ideas that we will offer you.

Large corridor

A large entrance hallway provides ample space for large patterns and eye-catching motifs that require attention. And for those who are very brave: how about mixing and matching multiple wallpapers?

Dark colors with multi-colored, contrast or lighter details are also perfectly suitable for large entrance halls. Hallway wallpaper with a dark background and bright colors can be advantageous if there is a glass door in the area.

Short and narrow hallways with little or no daylight

If your corridor receives little or no sunlight, you need to illuminate it. If you have a short and narrow corridor, you need to extend it. I seem to hear how you will expand the short and narrow corridor. First of all, if you have a light-free corridor, we recommend that you start by selecting foil wallpaper. If you continue with the colors that reflect the light later, your hallway will look brighter than it is. The colors on the wallpaper you choose should not be contrasted. The transition of color in different shades can be preferred.

Long and narrow hallways with little or no daylight

Full matte or glossy wallpapers are very suitable for these areas. Intertwined patterns are ideal for these areas. While the person in your corridor is busy with your stunning wallpaper, you will not even be aware of the length of your hallway. Geometric patterns with a background in pastel tones and the contrast of these patterns with the background color will allow you to shorten your corridor visually.

Watercolor Eucalyptus Leaf

Green eucalyptus, inspired by your garden, can offer a simple and unique feature wall to your living space. The watercolor eucalyptus leaf design, which has a simple but incredible striking in the design, will bring a breathtaking effect to your corridor. This design, which is our recommendation, especially for those who have stressful and unoccupied life outside, makes you relax and smile quickly. We are sure that it will be the favorite of those who cannot break with nature and seek simplicity.

Peacock with Magnolia Blossom


If you want to create an eye-catching feature wall in your corridor, peacock patterned wallpaper will be an excellent choice. With the eye-catching effect of magnolia flowers, it will take you as soon as you enter your home and start fresh.

Retro Soft Forest with Stork


Who wouldn’t like a fresh tropical welcome filled with amazing tropical details and unique distribution of birds! A contemporary retro aesthetic with a modern freshness feel will suit your home’s corridor more than you think.

Tropical Leaves with Berries


Feel the tropical breeze that stylish tropical leaves and red berry will bring to your corridor with green tropical wallpaper for hallway, so make sure to check out wallmur.com for options. They’re like saying welcome. With modern touches of contemporary tones that blend green and red with large-scale tropical leaves, you can achieve a magnificent aesthetic in your hallway.

Seashore in Rural Life

Wouldn’t you want to move the old times into your home? Rural and ancient images will make people who enter your house feel like they have traveled in time. Take yourself to another world with this design that will instantly correct your mood. With such an ancient image, you can look at the sea theme from a different perspective and surprise yourself and your loved ones.

Exotic Forest on Seaside

Bring the beauty of a tropical paradise to the corridor of your home with palm trees by the sea. If you want to add depth to the entrance of your home, you are definitely in the right place. This design, which will expand your walls and create an open space and peace effect, will take you from the noise of the city and bring you to a tropical paradise when you open the door of your home.

Watercolor Yellow Gray Triangle Pattern

Our gray triangle wall is prepared to present a contemporary style to your corridor. This arrangement, consisting of gray white and yellow colors, creates a perfect light-dark tone balance for your hallway. This design can be the best wallpaper for hallway.

Patchwork Patterned

One of the most enjoyable and fun ways to revive your corridor is patchwork patterns. This design, which is made up of various patterns and colors, will bring mobility to your corridor while also making it look impressive.

Patchwork Patterned

One of the most enjoyable and fun ways to revive your corridor is patchwork patterns. This design, which is made up of various patterns and colors, will bring mobility to your corridor while also making it look impressive.

Watercolor Peach Blossoms

Bring spring to your corridor with this elegant wallpaper, welcome yourself and your guests with spring breezes. With its fresh tones and delicate flowers, this peach blossom will create a perfect entrance effect for those who want to create a calm space that is very trendy.  Through this design, you can bring the beauty and energy of nature to your home. Spring is the symbol of fresh beginnings. Bringing this feeling into your home will make you feel more energetic and calm. Yellow and cream tones will add a very modern feel to your design and space.

Dark Stone Wall Pattern

If you like urban grunge looks that add a rustic and contemporary feel in the interior design, this design will add a unique texture to your space. This design, which will suit various colors and styles, will bring a very cooling and soft effect on your corridor. If you look wallpaper hallways trends, you are reading the right place right now.

Monochrome Damask Pattern

A mix of elegant and modern damask style looks traditional when presented in stunning colors. When presented in transitional colors, its modern and elegant look becomes a great choice for corridors. When you match the damask wallpaper, which resembles an old Victorian house, with modern furniture in your hallway, a truly eye-catching ene appears. Combining modern color-matching with traditional design allows you to realize that it is possible to combine damask with old and new.

Dark Floral Bouquet with Birds

Dark flower wallpaper is a great choice for those who want to create an extravagant and elegant corridor space in their home. This design aesthetic has detailed drawings in dark tones. For those who want to spread the charm of flowers in their corridor, this design, which you will pair with traditional furniture or accessories, allows you to spread the dark tones you want to the entrance of your home.

3D Look Chinoiserie and Brick

An extremely refreshing look. This design, consisting of different shades of blue, a combination of bricks and stones, will be very eye-catching for homeowners and guests at the entrance from the door. Whether you prefer light or dark-tone furniture or this old or new wallpaper will adapt to many styles effortlessly.


Mint Green Forest Trees

Why don’t we bring the open area into a closed area? If you decide to use the wallpaper covered with mint green trees in your hallway, it will create the feeling that you are in a forest as soon as you enter your home. Forest-themed wallpapers fill the unique energy of natural colors into your home in an instant to bring the magic of nature to your space.

Pink Leaf and Blossom

Use the relaxing beauty of this pink leaf and floral wallpaper in your home. This design brings beauty to your corridor effortlessly. If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in the hallway of your home, these tones will be very suitable.

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