14 Best Virtual Reality Games For iPhone And Android

Virtual reality content is coming hard, taking advantage of off-the-shelf smartphones that already support the technology. Even if you don’t have one of the few VR headsets on the market, many phones can enjoy this kind of reality through accessories like the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard, which are iPhone compatible.

But what is a virtual reality device without the right games to enjoy it?

Below, we list the best virtual reality games available for smartphones; the games are of different genres. Most are free and can be used on any device – if you have a Gear VR, you can already install specific VR games from Google Cardboard.

Here are some of the best VR games you can play on your smartphone, just like online gaming:

1. Novels From Mars 360

Available on iPhone, Android, and Gear VR, a very nice game that offers first-person shooting at hordes of invaders launched in waves to attack the castle to be defended.

2. Lamper VR Firefly Rescue


This game allows the player to take control of an insect launched into both welcoming and frightening caves. Lights and fireballs to catch allow you to continue the adventure by feeding on energy, but beware of carnivorous plants that only dream of one thing: to swallow the creature! It is quite stunning.

3. VR Voxel Fly

In this game, the player will be flying through a 3D city with many buildings to avoid. And as that’s not all, there are also oncoming cars. The game is very short but intense!

4. Geobots VR

In Geobots VR, the player is embarked on an armed ship and will have to progressively (on rails) destroy the enemies, flying bots. To do this, you have to fix on them to make them explode by shooting their only eye. But time is running out, and the waves of assailants arrive very quickly.

5. InMind

This interesting game mixes gaming and learning to take you on a journey inside a brain. The objective is to find the neurons that cause a series of mental illnesses in an immersive environment that allows a closer look at how neural structures, nerve synapses, and other phenomena of the human mind are organized.

6. Star Wars

The official Star Wars app works on virtual reality devices and lets you navigate the saga’s universe and visit worlds known as Jakku, featured in Episode VII: The Force Awakens. The app contains news about the Jedi Knights movies and even a small built-in game. It’s a full plate for fans.

7. Voxel Fly VR

Voxel Fly is another virtual reality game that takes advantage of immersion to amuse the player in a simple but well-constructed setting. A kind of mixture of Mirror’s Edge and Frogger, you must dodge flying cars that appear in front, in addition to the natural obstacles of the scenario, at high speed.

8. InCell VR

Like InMind, InCell VR is a game that takes you inside the human body, but this time navigating inside a cell. The game is fun with scenarios that try to imitate the real construction of the human cell but add exciting entertainment elements with various colors. The game allows the user to learn more about science – another interesting option for children.

9. Bamf VR

This is a simple game, but it promises to hold the user’s attention. In it, you navigate through different worlds in 360 degrees, searching for crystals to collect without first failing to solve puzzles. You will need to discover the best way to navigate the scenario, either by teleportation or finding the correct passage between obstacles.

10. Sisters

A macabre doll is already scary enough on a smartphone screen, so you can imagine the level of fear when you see her with the device attached to her head with the help of a Carboard. The app is not exactly a game and sells itself as a “virtual reality experience.” Test and see for yourself what a dark environment and some strange sounds can do to your brain.

11. Radial-G Infinity

Radial-G Infinity is an endless spaceship runner with you dodging and destroying enemies and collecting a kind of crystal along the way, all at a frantic pace. With a futuristic style, think of this as a Temple Run for virtual reality with a modern look and spaceships in place of a human character.

12. Titans of Space

Titans of Space is one of the best virtual reality apps in the selection for its graphics and excellent performance, even on smartphone devices. Navigate through space and learn all about the solar system’s planets, comparing their sizes and getting a real sense, in an immersive way, of the size of the universe.

This app isn’t necessarily a game, but its activities can give the user a feel of gaming while using the app.

13. Vanguard V

Vanguard V is another futuristic game, but it chooses space to take the player on a tortuous path through asteroids, satellites, and all kinds of threats that can be found in the galaxy. Your only task is to destroy obstacles with your ship’s laser shots and make maneuvers to clear the way.

14. Roller Coaster VR


Roller Coaster VR attraction is a game that puts on your smartphone the famous virtual reality roller coaster games that drive people crazy in shopping malls. In it, you get into a cart pretending to fall from the highest possible heights into a virtual toy, but it chills your spine.


Do you have a virtual reality headset or VR glasses to accommodate your favorite smartphone? It’s up to us to make you benefit from it. We have mentioned the top virtual reality games already available in smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems!

VR is the future, and getting in quick into this technology will not only help you understand the technology, but it will also serve to help you develop while having fun.

Though you might not be able to play or try all the games that we have mentioned here, we still urge you to give most a try.

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