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Vietnam – The Gem of Asia – Tourist Guide for 2024

From the mesmerizing nature to its lovely islands, and the amazing cuisine and friendly people, there is a wide range of adventures Vietnam has to offer to tourists. Whether you like sunbathing or hiking in the forest, there will definitely be something interesting for you to visit this gem of Asia.

Although it does not look like that, Vietnam is, in fact, a large country. And, that is why you should perfectly plan your itinerary, especially since there are so many attractions to visit. The article below will feature the top locations to visit in this lovely country, however, before writing about that, we will take a look at what you should prepare before visiting.

What to Prepare And Know Before The Trip

Before you board a plane headed to Vietnam, there are some things that you need to prepare and learn. These things include:

1. Obtaining a Visa is no Longer Confusing – The Internet Made it Easy

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The number of people who land in this country without a visa is shocking. And although obtaining one for Vietnam used to be a confusing and time-consuming process, today, the Internet made it easy. Now, people can obtain a visa over the Internet, and the process is quite simple. All that is required from you is to fill in a form, pay for the visa, wait for it to be approved, and you will get a confirmation email in about 2 or 3 business days. If you want to see more information about obtaining an online visa, check out this website.

2. It is a Large Country, Hence, Plan Your Itinerary Well

As previously mentioned, tourists do not realize how big this Asian country is! Hence, before you do anything else, you should carefully plan your itinerary – especially if you want to visit most of the attractions while there. So, before you book your ticket or pack your bags, make sure that you know what you will visit.

3. There Are Three Weather Zones

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No matter what part of the country you plan on visiting, be prepared for a lot of heat and humid weather. But, since it is a long country, it is not weird that there is heavy rain in one part, while there is sunshine in another. That is why you should pack both summer and autumn clothes. Especially if you are planning on traveling to different parts of Vietnam.

4. Transportation And Hotels Are Extremely Cheap

Of course, there are expensive tours that you can take and luxurious hotels that you can stay in, but, if you want to get the most out of Vietnam, skip all of that and opt for the cheaper things. You can find incredible hotels for $30 per night, the public transportation is comfortable and cheap, and if you use the Grab application instead of a taxi, the fee will only be a few dollars to go anywhere in the city you are staying in.

Attractions Your Should Definitely Visit

There are various things that you can experience in Vietnam, however, it would be impossible to list all of them. The attractions you should definitely opt for visiting include:

1. The Breathtaking Ha Long Bay – Perfect For Boat Rides

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This mesmerizing bay is 120 kilometers long and it is the most visited sightseeing spot in Vietnam. The best thing about it is that it features hundreds, if not thousands of islands, each with unique jungle vegetation on top of the island pillars. Some of them are hollow, some have huge caves, while others have lakes. If you want a truly unique experience, definitely visit Ha Long Bay.

2. The Evergreen Sa Pa Terraces

Sa Pa is a small, yet incredibly beautiful town close to the northwest Chinese border. Here, you can find rice terraces between the Mount Fansipan and Sa Pa town, located in the Muong Hoa valley. People grow different vegetables here and if you choose to go there, do not forget to bring your camera with you! You will be able to take some of the most beautiful pictures there.

3. Interested in How The Vietnamese Soldier Lived Like? Walk Through the Cu Chi Tunnels

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These tunnels connect a huge network of underground tunnels used by the Vietnamese soldiers as a safe place and a hiding spot during the Vietnam War. Today, tourists can visit these tunnels and experience how the soldiers lived in the past. However, the passages are small and in some areas, you might need to crawl. Hence, if you are claustrophobic, you might not want to go deep in the tunnels.

4. Go Back to The Past by Seeing My Son Sanctuary

More than 16 centuries ago, the Chan people began building a lot of Hindu temples located near a village called Duy Phu. This complex is commonly referred to as My Son Sanctuary and although most temples are now in ruins, the atmosphere there will certainly allow you to step back in time.

5. Visit the Enormous Hang Son Doong if You Like Exploring

Hang Son Doong is the largest cave on earth and it is estimated that it is around 3 million years old. Visiting this cave will be something otherworldly, especially when you see the turquoise water pool, lush bushes, as well as the sunlight that creeps from the holes. This cave is something that you should definitely visit and you can opt for several guided tours that will take you through it.


As you can see, there are various things that you can experience in Vietnam. Besides seeing its amazing landscapes, national parks, and sightseeing spots, you can also indulge in some amazing food and beverages. The weather is usually warm, so, you will not have to worry about rain ruining your vacation.

So, now that you know what to prepare before your trip, as well as what you can visit, see, do, and experience in this lovely country, do not waste any more time, and start planning your itinerary in order to fit as many attractions and sightseeing spots that you can!

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