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Are High Waisted Jeans Making a Comeback in 2024?

If there is any clothing item that will never go out of style, that would be jeans. Straight, skinny, bootcut, relaxed, wide-leg – you name it, there is every style you can think of. No matter which style is modern this year, one thing is for sure – it will be in our closets and part of our outfits for years and years. Ever since it was first produced in 1873, it started conquering the world, this never stopped and it is not likely that will happen soon.

Various styles come and go, fashion is constantly changing. The old styles come back, new trends appear giving us the opportunity to completely reinvent our style the way we want to. Usually, there is always some favorite pair that we simply don’t want to give away and that serves as the basis of our style. Depending on age, our style changes too. We tend to wear skinny jeans when we are young and celebrate our bodies, but as we get swamped up with obligations and the appointments, that starts to change.

However, this is not the only reason. It seems that women start to realize slowly that we need to have our comfort first before anything else and popularize styles that can help us enjoy our days without feeling trapped in our clothes. It is there to serve us well and to give us the opportunity to pick the style that will flatter us.

The beauty of high waisted jeans

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High wasted jeans are comfortable and let’s face it – it truly complements a woman’s body in the most flattering way. The tiny waist has always been a beauty imperative and even though God hasn’t blessed all of us with this type of body shape, that doesn’t mean that we can’t make it look like we do. For years women used to choose leggings or in some cases yoga pants. While this may be the best choice on some occasions, we must say that it is good to have options.

Mom jeans used to be described a little bit in the sense that they are not fashionable enough, but once the fashion models and singers like Beyonce started wearing it, it kind of exploded. The fact is that women want to look beautiful and nice while running around after their kids or simply trying to accomplish everything in 24 hours, which can be a challenge. Having comfy jeans on you may add a little relaxation to your day because you won’t constantly need to be careful about the way that you move to reach for something or simply feel uncomfortable while you are sitting.

Now, it is all about adjusting the fashion to us and not the other way around. They are so easy to wear, they can be combined with numerous shirts, T-shirts and blouses. Depending on the obligations you have and the impression you are trying to leave, you can choose sneakers or high heels. The amazing thing about them is that the options are endless. More than 20 million pairs are being sold yearly and it seemed that women simply can’t get enough of them. Skinny jeans were popular long enough if you ask me. Even though there will always be girls that will rather choose it over high waist jeans, it is good to have options.

For a while, there were almost the same models everywhere, which didn’t leave much choice for women. Considering that every woman is different and we have different areas that we want to hide or show, it is good to have various models to choose from. It seems that high waisted jeans are making a comeback and we must say that it is such great news. If you want to take a look at the models that are popular now, take a look here Online-Stylist.

The change in climate

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As previously mentioned, the term mom jeans were used to describe jeans that were comfortable, but far from being attractive. However, that soon changed, turning the fashion world by storm, and now this model is a synonym for cool jeans that can be seen on Instagram and on runways in various combinations. While it was implied that by becoming a mom, women stop being feminine, that is now the thing of the past. The climate in the fashion world is shifting, allowing women to enjoy the comfort that was somehow always compromised. It is always implied that in order to be beautiful, a woman must blindly follow trends even at a cost of her comfort.

The truth is that every woman should have the opportunity to create her style according to personal preferences and body shape. Finally, the fashion industry accepts that fact as something normal. Now, instead of pushing everyone to choose the same models over and over again, there are a lot more models to pick from. Mom jeans are not picked by women just because they are moms, but because they truly give greater freedom to the person wearing it and the comfort that some women appreciate more than anything else.

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In the end, the most important thing to say it that it is good to nurture your own sense of style. Instead of looking edgy and sharp all the time, turn to more relaxed options. There is something great about feeling good in your own skin and having clothes that will only accentuate that feeling. Even if you are used to the skinny and ripped jeans, you can try out this new style and see if it works for you.

You may end up being in love with these more voluminous models. Give yourself the chance to upgrade your style in a new way and see for yourself why so many women are embracing high waist jeans more and more. The great news is that manufacturers are working on providing new gorgeous high waist models and we can’t wait to see how well will they suit us!

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