6 Best Video Games that Incorporate Greek Mythology

Video games have been a popular way of entertainment for many years because of many reasons. We can choose the one based on the theme we like the most, so we can enjoy playing strategy for a long time or quick battle games that can be finished without spending a lot of time playing. Besides that, we can enter an entirely new world and enjoy it for as long as we want. It is why video games based on Greek mythology will never be out of trend and why people massively play them worldwide.

Namely, these games are a perfect way to feel like Greek God or hero for a while, and thanks to modern technology, they seem more and more real with every new version. Besides that, they can also be educative, as players can learn more about this topic and improve their knowledge in a fun way. Since there are already many of them, and new ones constantly appear, it is pretty difficult to make an entire list, and because of that, we are going to describe some of the best ones you can try.

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1. God of War

For kids and people who enjoy this genre, this one is probably one of the best ones they can try, and it is more than likely they will enjoy playing it due to its outstanding graphics. In order to win it, we need to lead Kratos through various quests where he needs to beat different mythological creatures. The main reason why he is facing all of them is the murder of his daughter and wife and the revenge he wants to achieve.

After killing Ares, who was a direct culprit for their death, he continues his revenge and faces Titans, Olympians, and even his father, who is responsible for betraying him. All the battles seem like they are happening in real-time, thanks to many details, which keep the player’s attention for a long time. Although this is not one of the newest options, as it was created back in 2005, it is still popular among old and new players.

2. Troy: A Total War Saga

Strategy game lovers are surely familiar with the Total War series, as they are one of the best ones they can find. It is based on one of the most famous events in Greek history and allows us to see it entirely from the perspective of one of the parties involved. Regarding that, we can choose whether we want to be one of the Trojans or Mycenaeans and try to beat another side through real-time battles.

Many details and great graphics cannot leave anyone indifferent, and thanks to the plot that allows us to sail and visit many small islands, we can enjoy breathing landscapes when trying to recruit mythic units to help us win the game.

3. Titan Quest

Although this game is not inspired only by Greek mythology, as we will see the influence from other ancient cultures, it is rightfully on this list. It is a fast-paced type without the necessity for too much strategic planning, and the great thing is that we can create our character and try to finish all the things in order to win.

Creating a hero, traveling through different empires, and meeting various cultures will surely make you enjoy this one for quite some time. All that makes this one perfect for older kids and people eager to learn more about the mythology and culture of this region throughout history.

4. 300: March to Glory

It is impossible to be this genre enthusiast and not be familiar with the famous Leonidas I, as he led his army in the fight against King Xerxes. Well, this one is based on the movie and is full of action, so it is important to think fast and make quick decisions if you want to win.

There are many famous scenes from the movie that can be seen during the battles, and, what is most interesting, we can play it and rewrite history in the way we want. It is great for everyone familiar with the movie and who is into this genre, but there is no doubt that even those who haven’t seen the movie can have a great time playing it.

5. Zeus: Master Of Olympus

Building a city is never easy as it requires a lot of strategic planning, and great graphics full of details make it one of the best ones in this genre. It requires a lot of time and nerves, and besides building an ancient metropolis, you need to think about Gods, heroes, and legends and their impact and role in the community.

Probably the best thing about it is that you can play against your friends, which also ranks it high on this list and something that can be a great source of fun for the entire family.

6. Age of Mythology

This is probably the most famous on this list we have made, and the fact that players worldwide enjoyed it for more than a decade speaks for itself. It is a fantastic strategy that requires a lot of thinking and decision-making while leading the protagonist Arkatnos in his mission to protect Atlantis.

In order to do that, you need to find a cyclops, but the major problem is that he is on the enemy side, so reaching him is not easy. During that journey, you will see different cultures, and thanks to the great graphics, you will be able to see various buildings in each of them.

Final words

As you can see, there are many games based on mythology in which people can try their skills and learn more about this topic while trying to win. Besides them, which we usually play to fulfill the free time we sometimes have more than we planned, there are many casino games with the same theme where we can try to win some money.

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