5 Vehicle Security Systems for Preventing Car Theft

Undergoing a car loss or even a small damage to your car can definitely cause stress and disruption. Car theft has become a significant problem in Britain with car thieves coming back in full action in 2024. UK Crime Stats  reports a whopping 343,669 vehicle crimes across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland in 2024. Thieves steal cars to sell metal components, tires, and other parts or use them for committing crimes.

Why Car Security is Important?

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Whether it is a brand new expensive model or an average one, keeping your car safe is crucial. Nowadays, owning a car is a necessity and not a mere luxury. You need your car for grocery shopping, to pick up your kids, to travel interstate, and much more. Along with its maintenance and repairs, you have to ensure your car’s security.

Often crimes take place when you least expect it. How would you feel if somebody tampered with your car or tried to steal it? For some people, it is heartbreaking as they invest their life savings to buy a car. You can’t go anywhere and ultimately depend on public transport and ride-sharing services. Even if you have car insurance, the entire process of going through the claim settlement is a massive hassle. Moreover, thieves try to break the windows, damage the locks of the car to steal it. Again, you have to go through the vehicle repair process and wait until you have the vehicle wholly repaired.

When thieves often pass by a car and find something precious kept in the car, they try to break in to steal them. Perhaps if thieves find some valuable stuff in your vehicles, such as a wallet, watch, passport, or essential IDs and documents, they might commit identity theft. For example, if you leave your chequebook behind, criminals can write withdraw as much cash they want from your bank account. You wouldn’t want such a huge loss!

Car theft is a cruel reality, and no matter how secure the parking area is, you have to safeguard your car. Luckily, anti-theft vehicle systems can mitigate such risks. An anti-theft system is a gadget that keeps your vehicle secure. Developed using cutting-edge technologies, it can prevent vehicle theft, even if you own an old car model. What’s more, you can even get your hands on lower car insurance premiums.

Several anti-theft devices for different objectives are available in the market. Let’s look at some of the essential vehicle security systems for preventing car theft.

1. Car Alarms

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You might be familiar with a basic car alarm. The car alarm is one of the initial vehicle crime prevention devices. It starts ringing with an alarm when anything undesired happens with the car, such as breaking the window, opening the doors, etc. If you’re on a limited budget, a car alarm is your best deal. They are affordable and serve the purpose as a loud siren is the last thing thieves would want. Car alarms are now a standard device of urban societies.

Most modern cars come with built-in car alarms. But, experienced thieves can easily bypass older car alarms. Hence, it is vital to keep yourself and the car up-to-date with the latest developments. One more advantage of an advanced car alarm system is that if you wish to sell a car with an advanced car alarm, many buyers pay more for those cars.

2. Steering Wheel Lock

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In simple terms, a steering wheel lock locks the steering wheel of your car into place. So, if thieves successfully break into the car, they can’t drive it as a wheel lock is a long bar that hits the car door when thieves try to turn the wheel. Most of these locks are made of hardened metal, making it very difficult for thieves to cut. Moreover, they are easily visible and bulky. So a thief wouldn’t risk breaking in as it is very tough to steal cars with steering wheel locks. It is simple and super easy for car owners to fit onto the steering wheel, and a key removes it in seconds.

3. Electric Immobilizer

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Electric Immobilizer is a security device that most modern cars use. It uses a smart key fob that carries a transponder chip. This chip stores the electronic security code, or you can call it the vehicle’s password. An electric immobilizer does not start the engine without an authorized car key. If the code in the key and immobilizer doesn’t match, the car won’t start.

When thieves try to steal the car, they have to start the car to take it off somewhere. But thieves usually hotwire it when they don’t have the car keys. That’s when an immobilizer becomes a lifesaver.

4. GPS Trackers

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GPS trackers are beneficial when your car goes missing. They provide real-time location updates of your vehicle for you to recover it unscathed. These devices are small, portable, and can be placed easily in the car. Thatcham approved GPS trackers are the best-in-class vehicle security systems as they are subject to rigid safety criteria laid down by Thatcham. Thatcham has been the leading authority for testing and approving security systems since 1992.

For a fact, Thatcham approved GPS trackers reduce your insurance premiums by 20%. Moreover, apart from real-time tracking, they ensure a 96% theft recovery rate, provide unauthorized driving alerts, motion and speed alerts, remote immobilization, and much more. It acts as a one-in-all product that prevents car theft.

5. Kill Switch

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A kill switch is a device that disrupts the ignition system’s functioning. This anti-theft system averts hot wiring, which thieves commonly do to damage a car’s electrical system for using a car without a key. A kill switch cuts the flow of fuel to the engine or shuts down the car system. It is much like a car alarm as it disconnects with an entry code or plastic key.

Installing a kill switch device is pretty straightforward. You can connect the device to the car’s essential parts, such as the battery, fuel pump, ignition, etc., which are the power sources to switch on a car. First, choose the part you wish to “kill” with the switch and find the wire. Later, decide where you want to implement the actual switch and then run the wires from the switch to the chosen part of the car. The best part of a kill switch is that you can hide it anywhere in the car for a thief not to notice it.


Along with equipping any of these vehicle security systems, it is also essential to be cautious, such as don’t leave behind any valuables in the car, always make sure to lock doors and pull up windows when you park, do not lose your keys, etc. Vehicle security systems that prevent car theft protect your car and help you save money on auto insurance expenses. There are many more types of security systems available in the market. So, visit rewiresecurity.co.uk and choose the one that best serves your purpose and fits your budget.

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