Concept of Green Cars for Better India

If you have gone car shopping recently, you must have come across the term “green cars.” The popularity of green cars in India is significantly increasing to make it a better nation. However, one of the most common mistakes people make is thinking green and electric cars are the same.

Green cars can help to create low emissions and carbon footprint. As compared to a traditional gas vehicle, green cars can be beneficial in the long run. Considering the huge population of India, the pollution in the country is very high too. Taking measures such as the adoption of green cars can, however, help manage the increasing pollution.

The government of India is taking steps to improve the condition

The Government of India is taking steps to improve the increasing pollution of the country. However, the launch of electric cars and green vehicles in India will pave the way for a sustainable movement. Furthermore, the GOI is also adopting mold making machines within the country to ensure a proper design of the vehicle. Click here for more information.

What are green cars?


The definition of green cars may vary depending on the country. However, the basic way to define a green car is an eco-friendly. They have strong emission measures and play an important role in bringing down pollution.

Green cars usually cause zero to no emissions. However, it is necessary to meet the carbon fuel requirements to term a particular vehicle as a green car. The unit used for powering green cars can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer. In certain places, it is powered by a lithium-ion battery. However, in other places, it is powered by natural fuels, ethanol, and natural gas. Fossil fuels also power many green cars.

The electric and hybrid cars, however, run depending on the battery. Nonetheless, other cars function using biodiesel.

What are the types of green cars available?

Green vehicles are different from your regular. Therefore, it is necessary to choose one accordingly. Reducing the need for fossil fuels for powering vehicles can, however, be of great help.

There are various alternative options available for the use of fossil fuels. If you’re using your vehicle regularly, it is advisable to find alternative options. Nonetheless, this determines the availability of different types of cars in India. Some of the prominent types of green cars available in India include the following:

Electric vehicles


These are one of the most prominent environment-friendly cars. They either function with the help of electricity or are powered by plugin chargers. They have better fuel economy than other traditional.

Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid cars are also one of the many green cars available in the country. As the name suggests, the car runs partially on electricity and partially on fuel. The energy-driven battery is combined with combustion to ensure better working. Nonetheless, there are other variations of the same available in the market too.

Plugin hybrids

Plugin hybrid vehicles will require you to plugin for recharging the battery. Although they have a better fuel economy, the battery can come down very easily. Nonetheless, you may not even find a good place to charge your plugin hybrids in India. This is mostly because plugin hybrids are a very new concept in India. Therefore, constant efforts are being made to improve technology for these.

Conventional green cars


Conventional green cars have become the new green vehicles. They require the use of the best quality field. Moreover, they also contribute towards better emission and also provide a higher gas mileage.

Pedal-powered and electric vehicles

Not a lot of vehicles are pedal-powered, but they can be of great help. Many green car manufacturers are adding electric motors to their electric vehicles to improve the speed and range of the vehicle. Nonetheless, using mopeds may be banned in a particular region.

Will electric cars become popular in India?


Industry leaders suggest that the adoption of green vehicles can be a significant movement in India. Switching to green vehicles can be tough, but it will surely be useful. The green car manufacturers pay attention to the product design to ensure better deliverability.

The growing infrastructure of the country can, however, help to create a much-required shift. Nonetheless, this will have a huge impact on the metropolitan cities where the negative impact of population and pollution can be seen. The increasing population is paving the way for pollution. Therefore, a gradual shift to electric or green vehicles will be helpful in the long run.

The younger generation of India is focused on sustainability and conservation of the environment. This will play an essential role in ditching traditional vehicles and adopting green vehicles.

How are electric cars better than fuel cars?

Comparatively, electric cars have lower operational costs than traditional cars. This is mostly because of the internal combustion engine. Also, when it comes to maintenance, electric cars are more affordable. These do not require fuel. Therefore, car owners need not be worried about the same.

Materially, electric cars are cheaper than fuel cars. This is mostly because individuals do not have to focus on the conventional liquid fuel tank. Since there are few moving parts, the maintenance bill for electric cars will be lower too. Furthermore, this also has a significant impact on the durability and performance of the vehicle. As a result, individuals looking forward to better functioning vehicles can always rely on green cars or electric vehicles.

How long will it take the Indian audience to switch to electric vehicles?


As per the reports, currently, there is only 1% of the total electronic vehicle sale in India. While electric car sales in India are still low, electric two-wheelers have become extremely popular.

The silence of two-wheeler electric vehicles has led to the easy shift. India is a price-sensitive market. Therefore, it is essential to consider the cost of electric vehicles. The Indian market is volatile. The lack of a sustainable movement can, however, be a problem. The industry leaders believe that the penetration of electric vehicles will soon increase within the country. The rapid developments and enhancements in electric vehicles are paving the way for green car adoption. In the next ten years, a considerable number of the Indian population will have electric cars.

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