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9 Useful Tips on How to Use Your Dry Flower Vaporizer Properly

A dry flower vaporizer uses a dried cannabis plant to generate vapors that are inhaled by the user. Vaping has proven to be better than conventional smoking. Many new vape users find it not as pleasing as smoking a joint or a bong. The reason behind this can be that they are not using the vape correctly. According to Zamnesia there are specific vaporizer temperatures for cannabis that users should be aware of. In some cases, people choose the wrong vape to use it with dried flowers.

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We will learn how you can use your dry flower vaporizer properly, in the following points:

Know the correct temperature: The temperature of your vaporizer determines the effect of the flower—the higher the heat, the stronger the potency. If you want a joint like feeling then, you must set a high temperature of around 390 – 445 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you do not want to experience more potent effects, then set it below 350 degrees F. The flavor also tends to decrease in high temperatures.

Know the type of your vaporizer: There are two primary varieties of vaporizers

Conduction Vaporizer: In this type of vape, the flower gets heated with direct heat from the heating chamber. Therefore, you need to grind the bud finely so that when you start inhaling, the warmth is evenly spread. Use a grinder with sharp teeth to get a finer grind.

Convection Vaporizer: In the case of convection vape, the flower gets heat through hot air circulation. You need more space within the bud for the air to flow. To achieve such grind, crush your herb roughly with your fingers and put it in the vape. So, when you start vaping, confirm the mechanism of the vape and use the flower accordingly.

The way you pack your vaporizer

Once you have filled the vape with the dried flower, it is essential to understand that how you are packing your marijuana vaporizer, this is where and their guide can help. In the case of conduction vape, the packing must be compact as the grind is finer. It would be best if you wrapped it tightly but make sure that there is some room for air. Whereas, in convection vape’s case, you need the air to flow comfortably inside. So, pack the vape a little loose. Also, make sure that you are leaving at least 10% of the space empty.

Know how to inhale the vape

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Now that the vape is ready to use, you must be aware of the dos and don’ts of vaping. Please do not take a forceful drag, instead sip it gently like sipping a hot beverage. Try to draw the vape for a long duration for better effects. While you are at it, you might not feel the vapor hitting your throat, but you will feel the impact.

Use pure bud

Your vaping experience depends on the quality of the herb that you use; this means that the grass you are using is of the utmost quality. Remember that the vape turns the hemp into vapors, and it needs to have moisture in it—the more the moisture content, the better the quality of weed. The moisture content means that the bud has a high amount of oil, which is an essential part. Make sure that the herb you use retains moisture before you crush and put it in the chamber.

Pre-heating is helpful

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You must pre-heat the vape before using it. A vaporizer is like an oven. The way you pre-heat your oven before baking a cake in it; similarly, it is important to pre-heat the vape. By pre-heating, you achieve your desired temperature, and you can determine the effect that you require from your vaping experience. A lot of vapes available in the market today come with a function where you can pre-heat within seconds.

Do not burn your hemp

The last thing that you want to do with the vape is damaging the dry flower. Vape generates vapors from hemp without burning it, and that is the sole difference between a vaporizer and a joint. When hemp burns, it forms toxic compounds that you do not want to inhale. People choose to vape over smoking to avoid poisonous smoke that a cigarette or a joint creates. Follow the temperature guide that we have already discussed to prevent burning your hemp. Also, read the instructions carefully on the packaging before you start vaping.

Cleanliness is essential

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Dried flower leaves a residue in the chamber of the vaporizer. This residue can later be the reason behind a repulsive taste. Clean the vape more often. Let the vape cool down after your vaping session. Disassemble the vape and start cleaning the herb chamber first. Use a brush to clean the hemp chamber if you find it to be too dirty. Later use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Clean the mouthpiece also with a cotton swab. Do not forget to clean the filter screen with a toothpick.

Charge the vape often

Now, this is the most obvious tip, but many people forget to charge their vape from time to time. Therefore, their vaping experience gets annoying. Vapes are available in 2 variants when charging is concerned, one is that supports USB powered charging, and the other uses a removable battery. Plugin the USB charger to the wall adapter to charge the vape. In the case of batteries, remove the cells from the vape and charge them separately. Purchase fresh batteries every six months. On average, a fully charged vape can last up to 300 drags.


In conclusion, before you blame your vaporizer’s quality for your bad vaping experience, try to fix the problem by following these nine tips. It is a fact that vaping is safer than conventional smoking and dry flower vaping allows you to enjoy the effects of cannabis without inhaling its toxic fumes. Take a ride to the get a heavenly feeling, by getting a vape for yourself today.

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