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Vaping vs Smoking 2024 Guide – 8 Pros and Cons

Millions of people from all over the world enjoy smoking cigarettes on a daily basis. For all those people, it became a passion that has a big influence on their lives. A couple of years ago, a whole new concept has emerged. We are talking about vaping. Because this is …

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Does RDA Use More Juice?

Making your own coils for a convertible atomizer is a rewarding experience, but don’t be put off, you will soon find that it’s not an easy task. RDA or RTA, we will build our own coil and wick, which, once you get used to it, can be fiddly. The construction …

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9 Useful Tips on How to Use Your Dry Flower Vaporizer Properly

A dry flower vaporizer uses a dried cannabis plant to generate vapors that are inhaled by the user. Vaping has proven to be better than conventional smoking. Many new vape users find it not as pleasing as smoking a joint or a bong. The reason behind this can be that …

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