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Why you Should use Custom Printed Boxes for Packaging

Packaging your products is not something that your business benefits from, but every single person on this planet. Every product that you have at home has probably been packed in some kind of a cardboard or plastic box to protect it from any damage that might occur during transport. It also protects it from any external factors such as water, dust and so on.

To put it simply, no matter how long the chocolate has been showcased on a shelf, it will be fine as long as it is kept in its own package. Thanks to the invention of such packaging we can now make our food last longer even when it is unrefrigerated. Did you forget to put the can of beans in the fridge last night? Well, no worries because the can that is packed in has been made to keep it sealed in and protected from anything harmful that might get into it.

So, now you realize how big the importance of a good package is, but you are still not sure why it’s useful to use custom printed boxes for your business?

Cardboard boxes

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When planning to transport multiple products at once, the cheapest and easiest way to keep the products safe from any harm is to use cardboard boxes. Even though they are made from kraft paper they are actually very durable and you can re-use them multiple times. Even if they have gotten wet from your previous batch, they can still be re-used for your next batch.

This type of box has several layers of paperboard that have air between them which makes them the perfect protection against weight pressure. So, no matter how many items you stack above it, it will probably withstand the weight without any issues while keeping the item inside of it completely safe and isolated.

Another great advantage is that they are foldable. This means that you can buy hundreds of them and you can store them by stacking them anywhere you want. If you go with plastic or metal boxes, you will soon realize that they are not foldable at all and will take up a lot of space in your storage areas.

These cardboard boxes are also completely biodegradable and recyclable which will make your business be very environmentally friendly. And in these times where we want to reduce the pollution in the world and to reduce paying pollution taxes, business owners have to focus on making their business completely environmentally friendly. In addition, when it comes to packaging cardboard boxes, using custom printed folding carton packaging is a strategic choice that elevates your brand’s image and makes a lasting impression on customers as it not only enhances the visual appeal of your product but also provides a personalized branding solution that sets your business apart from the competition.

Customize your packaging

Now that you understand why it is so beneficial to use these boxes for your packaging needs, it is time to understand the importance of customizing them to your needs.

Cheap marketing

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If you are a small start-up business you are probably constantly avoiding the words marketing as it reminds you of huge expenses. And that is usually true as proper marketing campaigns can cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. Fortunately for you, there is a way to constantly advertise your brand just by paying a few extra dollars a month. How does one do that you might ask? It is simple, add your brand to every single product you are transporting. In other words, make a custom print of your brand on the boxes you use for packaging.

Would you, as a customer, look at the items that are inside of the colorful and interesting package or the blank and plain cardboard box? If you make your packaging look good and attractive, you will make sure that it will catch the eye of potential customers. By pulling the attention of the buyers, you are also advertising your brand, because your name will be right there on the package.

Just think about all the other big brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Samsung and so on. The moment you read the names of these brands, you see a clear picture of the logos in your mind, right? That is because they market their brand everywhere they can, including their packaging. Check out IMColorPrint and find out about all the possibilities about custom printed cardboard boxes.

You are effectively reducing the costs of transport

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It might seem that spending money to make completely custom printed boxes is the completely opposite of reducing costs, but you will soon understand what is the reasoning behind this. When you use those regular cube-shaped cardboard packages, you probably have only a couple of sizes that you can use. So, if you are planning to transport very small items, you will have to use a box that is too big. And because the package is so big, you will have to completely fill it with packaging materials to keep the product inside of it safe. This is especially true if you are a company that provides customers with more fragile content.

So, imagine this. You can get yourself a custom made and printed boxes that will complement the shape and size of your products. Not only will you save up on packaging materials (which do cost money), you also will not have to use the bigger packages that you can use later for bigger items. You will also save a bit of space in your storage area. Now, do the calculation. You might spend a dollar a month to make them customized, but you will save hundreds of dollars throughout the years by using fewer materials.

After you understand how much of an advantage this is over the regular blank packages, there can’t be any other benefit that might seem as good as this one, right? Wrong, there are multiple benefits you can get out of these custom printed boxes, so make sure you keep reading.

Much safer when it customized

Last but not least is protection. By customizing your packaging, you have the freedom of choice to pick what kind of materials will be used during production. You can modify your packages so that they can offer much better protection for more fragile items such as glass bottles, glasses and so on.

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