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The Best To-Do Checklist for your Upcoming Corporate Event

Whenever you’re organizing a corporate event, it is very important that you keep track of things you’ve done and things that you need to do. Corporate events are usually very important and you shouldn’t risk making the mistake of doing something wrong or completely forgetting about it.

In order to avoid things like these from happening, it is always wise to make a checklist and then follow it as you go through your organizing process. However, things aren’t as easy as they look, because you can make a mistake while you’re creating your checklist, and then you’re setting yourself up for failure which is definitely not good.

So, what’s the solution to this problem?

The solution is to create the best possible checklist that will contain all the things your corporate event will need, so let’s take a look at what items you need to include on it.

Deciding what the goal of your event is

Before you organize any event, you need to make sure that you know exactly what you’re trying to achieve by doing that. If you are a company owner, and you’re throwing a party, is that party supposed to celebrate a certain success of the company or you’re trying to improve the chemistry between your employees and help them get along with each other more easily?

When you are certain of your goal, it is much easier to structure the entire event, so make sure that you take care of this as your first step. Let’s move on to the other things.

Do you want people to visit or watch?

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Some events require people to come and attend in person, while other events are meant strictly for life-streaming and broadcasting. You might think that this doesn’t make a lot of difference, but it really does.

The entire arranging process is different if you are inviting people to come over in person, because they can see everything around them, as for live-streaming, you don’t have to worry about every little detail because you can only show those parts of the event that you want people to see.

If you need people to come over in person, make sure to know the exact number. By doing this you will be able to purchase enough food, drinks or party accessories, depending on what the theme of your event really is.

Are you trying to make a profit?

Some event is hosted for charity, others are purely for making a profit. There’s nothing wrong with both of those types, but you’ll need to be certain in your goals and what you’re trying to achieve. Do the math and see if the ticket-price or the prices of your drinks are enough when it comes to reaching your desired profit number, or figure out a completely different way to earn money, like selling merchandise for example. If you want a helping hand, make sure to visit the SJW Events And Bars website.

Choosing the location

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When you’re taking things to step by step you simply cannot go wrong with your checklist. This is why choosing the right location for your event is the next step that you need to take. If you are throwing a party of any kind, you need to make sure that the location is chosen wisely and no residents will complain about the noise.

If you are hosting a serious event in which people need to talk and be heard, you need to choose a quieter location without any external noises that might disrupt the peace of the event.

Calculate your budget

Knowing exactly how large your budget is will make all the difference between hosting a successful event and completely failing your attempt. Here’s why the budget is so important.

Let’s say that you are throwing a corporate New Year Party for your company. You’ll have to purchase enough drinks for everyone so that you don’t run out of them before 12 o’clock even arrives. You can’t just “blindly” purchase the drinks and hope that people won’t drink as much, because if they end up doing that, they’ll leave the party as soon as you tell them that there aren’t any drinks left and it’s not New Year’s Eve yet.

When you know exactly how much you can purchase, you can make the math and invite the correct number of people according to the number of drinks you have. If you have to settle for a smaller party, it’s better to do that than try to host a huge one and run out of supplies. You get the point already.

Selecting the right date for the event

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Nobody likes to party on a Tuesday, knowing that they have to get up early the next day and work. If you don’t choose the right date, people might still arrive at your party, but they will leave early and they won’t really enjoy the moment. Choose a date that everybody likes and we guarantee that you’ll have a great time.

Select the right kind of music

Even if you are hosting a more serious event, you need to have some music every now and then, simply to make the others feel relaxed and relieve them of tension. You can choose your music by observing the audience and getting to know what kind of people are going to be present at your event. If they are older people, it might be better to settle for some classic music or older hits that you’re sure they know about, rather than using a new wave of music that’s more suitable for the younger generations.

Are you going to ask for sponsorship?

Maybe you’re trying to make a huge event that requires some funding. If that’s the case, you’ll have to ask for the help of sponsors, simply because funding it all alone is either impossible or not worth it. Sponsors will be glad to help with your event because that’s a lot of promotion for them. You can try to choose them by looking at similar events like the one you’re hosting and trying to figure out who sponsored those, then after you find out, simply contact them and pitch your idea.

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