How to Upgrade Your Patio, Pergola or Windows With Exterior Coverings

Upgrading the interior of your home is easy enough – hang new curtains, repaint the walls, and change the furniture! But, what about your outdoor space? Australian homeowners who want to upgrade their homes shouldn’t forget areas such as their patio or pergola and look for exterior coverings specifically designed for these areas.

Installing outdoor blinds Melbourne homeowners use for their outside entertaining spaces is an excellent way of adding value to your residential property. Other options include awnings, shutters and roof systems that make outdoor entertaining a breeze all year round. Keep reading as we talk about how to use exterior coverings to enhance your home.

Why Upgrade Your Patio, Pergola, or Windows With Exterior Coverings?

It’s worth considering the many benefits of using exterior coverings for patios, pergolas, and windows. They come in different designs, serving a variety of purposes so let’s take a look at what options are available to you:

  • Outdoor blinds
  • Roller shutters
  • Awnings
  • Plantations shutters

All of these designs offer a great shading solution but what else can they do for your home, its occupants, and its contents?

The Benefits of Outdoor Blinds


Outdoor blinds are a worthwhile investment if you want to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle at home no matter what the weather is doing! Here are some of the many benefits that come with installing outdoor blinds:

  • All weather protection ─ Exterior blinds can be closed when the weather turns harsh, keeping you and your guests comfortable and cosy come rain, hail, winds or snow. They protect against dangerous UV radiation too.
  • Pest-free zone ─ Keeping the blinds closed at nighttime prevents bugs from bothering you or invading your guests’ personal space during meal times!
  • Sun fade and moisture protection ─ Direct sunlight and rain can damage your furnishing and floor coverings. Keeping the blinds closed during these conditions helps to protect your outdoor furniture and flooring.
  • Improved aesthetics ─ Modern designs ensure your outdoor blinds create an attractive appearance.
  • Increased resale value ─ Quality outdoor blinds add value to your property making it easier to sell your home when you decide to put it on the market.

Using professionals to install your outdoor blinds ensures they fit and work properly and come with guarantees and warranties to protect your investment. Furthermore, you can pick from a variety of styles including Ziptrak, café, and bistro blinds for different functions and looks.

The Benefits of Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are exterior coverings for windows and doors and their main benefit is to provide an extra barrier against unwanted visitors such as burglars or vandals. Their other benefits include:

  • Controlling shade when entertaining on your patio or in your pergola or to protect interior rooms.
  • Improving ventilation when used as an exterior covering on patios or pergolas.
  • Reducing outside noise.
  • Better insulation for interior and exterior rooms and reduced monthly energy costs.

Made-to-measure roller shutters ensure proper fitting and you can choose between manual or motorised operations. Roller shutters can be used for both residential and commercial applications.

The Benefits of Awnings


Awnings come in a variety of designs that allow you to pick the right covering for your home. These include:

  • Folding arm awnings ─ Stylish exterior coverings for entertaining spaces that provide shading and all-weather protection. Pick between manual or motorized designs for ease of use.
  • Shade awnings ─ A sleek drop-down exterior option for windows or balconies that need shade during the hottest time of the day and they offer privacy.
  • Retractable awnings ─ These work well on inclined or horizontal structures, providing privacy, shading, and protection against harsh weather conditions.
  • Dutch hoods ─ A charming and classical awning that’s a permanent fixture on windows, providing shelter from the sun and rain.

Window covering experts can assist you in customizing your awnings so they match your home architecture while improving the overall aesthetics of your property.

The Benefits of Exterior Plantation Blinds

Premium outdoor aluminum plantation blinds provide both shading and privacy solutions. They look attractive, are durable, and give your residential (or commercial) property an instant upgrade. Other benefits include:

  • Rust resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Fixed or operable blades
  • Improved insulation when closed
  • Better ventilation and lighting control
  • Improved security if fitted with locking systems

Professional plantation shutter installers can offer you custom designs to improve the appearance of your home while ensuring you get a proper fit. They’re elegant, easy to use, and powder-coated for long-lasting quality.


Final Thoughts

Exterior coverings for residential outdoor living spaces allow you and your family to enjoy Australia’s climate throughout the year without having to leave home! They provide privacy from nosy neighbors, shelter during all seasons, and protection for your outdoor furniture.

Whether you install outdoor blinds, plantation or roller shutters, or awnings, make sure you pick window coverings experts who only deal in quality products. This way, your investment in exterior coverings will be enjoyed for years to come while keeping the resale value of your home intact!

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