5 Features of Outdoor Blinds You Didn’t Know Your Melbourne Restaurant Needed

Sure, you put some money aside each year to improve your Melbourne eatery. But what will be the best investment for that money?

There are a few reasons that it’s outdoor blinds Melbourne restaurants often end up installing when it’s time for upgrades. The summaries below will showcase why it should be on your list of considerations too.

1. Space Creator


You know the number of tables and chairs you can fill determines your profit at the end of this month. The question is whether you’re optimally using all the space available to you. Is there a sidewalk, patio, courtyard, or garden that could also become part of your dining area?

Or perhaps you want to provide a unique experience and create a comfortable space from which diners can stand and appreciate a view like the city skyline or a view of the lake. If you have the best spot in town to get epic selfies and it’s a sheltered nook, safe to enjoy in any weather conditions, your restaurant could soon be the place to be in town—no matter the season or weather.

For these and other needs where more space could mean attracting more clientele, outdoor blinds are dynamic resources to utilize. With reputable suppliers, you’ll get sleek-looking blinds that complement the restaurant’s aesthetic, while helping you create more space that results in higher earnings.

2. Weather Protector

Perhaps you’re already utilizing all the space you can legally serve patrons in, including the sidewalk or other outdoor spaces. However, you have no guarantee that it will be functional all the time. Just a hint of bad weather is enough for restaurant clients to cut the visit short if they can’t move inside. Or, they simply won’t come if they’re not guaranteed a comfortable spot while rain or wind picks up.

Quality outdoor blinds have solved this problem for many restaurant owners!

Modern outdoor blinds are strong enough to withstand even strong wind, so simply roll down the blinds and customers can feel cozy in a makeshift indoor space. Also, thanks to features like customisation you can be assured there will be no gaps or loud flapping. So, there will be no cold drafts or noise to disturb conversation and spoil their gathering.

Note: you can have transparent blinds installed, so clients can still feel they’re outside and enjoy the light flooding in—but they don’t have to experience the cold and wet.

Even consider bringing down the blinds on extremely hot days. Some patrons may appreciate a place to hide from the Aussie sun.

3. Light Controller


As outdoor blinds can be helpful protection against harsh sunlight, they’re excellent features for any outdoor area. Also, consider how they can help you use light more optimally to your own and diners’ benefit.

Some practical examples:

  • Ambiance ─ Adjust the blinds throughout the day to control and change the light levels. This can help you create the right ambiance for your restaurant. For example, if many couples eat their lunch at your restaurant, close some of the blinds for a darker, intimate environment even at midday.
  • Sun glare ─ If you have blinds that block the sun, remote workers may appreciate the option of closing blinds to block the sun from certain angles. They can sit and work outside without the sun’s glare making it difficult to focus on their devices’ screens.

4. Branding Resource

Above we’ve mentioned customised solutions and that could include adding your restaurant logo to your new blinds. It’s like having your own, huge, billboard. Everyone passing by will notice it, helping your brand become more familiar in the area.

5. Safety Feature


Perhaps you’re already using blinds in some capacity in your restaurant but if it’s been a few years since the installation, it could be time for an upgrade. One reason many commercial outlets opt to install new indoor and outdoor blinds is the helpful feature of motorization.

For a motorized system, there’s no longer a need for ropes, pulleys, or buckles, so you don’t run the risk of patrons’ kids playing and getting tangled or hurt by them. Therefore, a motorized version you can operate via remote or smartphone is a much more attractive option.

You may even find that some parents with small, curious kids appreciate the safer environment so much that they end up visiting your establishment more than usual.

In Conclusion

It’s vital to think outside the box if you want to be the preferred restaurant in your area and beat the competition. Giving your establishment a new look and feel—and making it much more practical—could be what sets you apart, gets you the 5-star reviews, and lets people stream to your door thanks to word of mouth.

Please share other helpful—creative—tips for boosting business growth in the current market. Our community would love to hear your input.

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