7 Unexpected Ways to Decorate with Rugs

Area rugs are underrated pieces of home decor that would completely transform your room for the better. Every rug has a unique design that is beautifully and carefully crafted and leaves a fashion impact on our rooms due to its distinctive style. They give rooms character and shape.

Although you might already have a rug placed around your living room, there are plenty of different areas where they can be placed and add a little flavor to your house. Consider integrating a machine washable rug into your kitchen, draping it over your bed, or allowing it to act as wall decor. Here are some unexpected ways to use rugs as decor around the house.

1. Add rugs to your kitchen

Adding rugs to your kitchen can spice up the area and make it look cozier. Rugs are really popular because of their simple appearance and soft texture which immediately warms up every room making them homier and welcoming. They are very easy to clean and simply sweep on a daily basis to prevent any dust or crumbs from accumulating.


You could try this out by layering two rugs together which will add texture. This method is more traditional yet it still possesses style. The bottom rug should obviously be bigger than the one on top which will look interesting with the variety of textures and contrasts, especially if your kitchen looks a little cold.

2. Make a stair runner

Putting together several traditional carpet runners with matching color schemes and designs will create a soft landing with no squeakiness and make your stairs look less bare and boring. Despite the fact that this seems like one of those projects that would take a lot of customization and additional costs, it is actually really simple. With only a few supplies you could completely build it all on your own.


Additionally, adding rugs would make the stairwell much safer especially if you have young children which are less likely to be hurt if they fall on covered steps. When it comes to style and what looks better, runners with a medium tone are more convenient and would best suit a stairwell. That is because tones that are too light or too dark would very visibly show dirt and lint. Besides that, a lot of different bold geometric shapes will get you distracted and dizzy where you might have difficulties climbing.

3. In the dining room

Rugs that are beautiful, stylish, and elegant would look good almost anywhere, including the dining room area. They add a cozy texture and build a bohemian style setting while draped over the chair seats. A dining room rug would be ideal if it accommodates both the chairs and the table. It should leave enough room for the chairs to keep their legs on the rug even if pushed back.


According to the most common rug shape for the dining room is a rectangle but really, any shape will do. However, it would look best if the rug’s shape matches the shape of the tables. A long narrow table, for instance, would look good with a narrow rectangle rug whereas an oval rug would best compliment a round table.

4. Your bathroom floor

Bathroom rugs have been increasingly more common and used to add a more decorative touch day by day. In general, bathrooms can be cold so placing a rug would add warmth and character to it. Additionally, we would recommend purchasing a non-slip rug in order to avoid slipping and causing any injuries. And if you’re concerned about the cleanliness, look for a rug that is made of cotton, or one that is labeled “washable.”


A stylish option for a bathroom would be to layer several small rugs on top of each other to achieve that loose, colorful bohemian look. Runner rugs would look fantastic in the bathroom in contrast to area rugs, and are generally less costly, especially if your bathroom is long and narrow. Although an antique rug would not be the first thing that comes to mind when you want to spice up your bathroom, they work really well and a few water drops don’t ruin them.

5. Place vintage rugs on the wall

Many antique rugs are unique pieces of art with their quality material and exquisite handmade designs, so displaying them on your walls for decorations seems obvious enough. A rug will completely transform the look of your wall and room. You should aim to pick a rug that best blends with your wall decor. For example, if your living room has dark surfaces and is generally not colorful, go with a bright rug to add some spark.


You may have a rug that your grandma made for you as a wedding gift or it was a family heirloom either way it has a significant meaning and you want to keep it protected – displaying it on the wall is one of the most practical ways of doing so. Your rug will be protected from being worn out because of footsteps and you will never forget to wash it.

6. Drape it over your headboard

If you want to change the look of your room, take an antique rug and drape it over your headboard, or if your bed lacks one, use it as a replacement for it. To make things easier, use a thin rug that folds up nicely and has rubber matting on the back to help not fall over. If you don’t like your headboard this is a great way to cover it without having to completely change it as well as add character to your bedroom.


Purchase a rug that fits and complements your bedroom’s decor. A traditional 5×8 rug is larger enough to fit a queen-size bed. Rugs are flexible and can be hung vertically or horizontally, depending on the height of the bed.

7. Update your seating area

You can replace your seating area without having to buy new covers or even new seating chairs. Simply drape a plain rug over or on the corners of your seating chairs or couches and it will transform into a completely new look. For the couches, pick a rug that is a few sizes smaller than the cushion’s width and then wrap and tuck nicely until the cushion is fully covered.

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