Understanding Steel Weighbridges

What are weighbridges and who needs them? How does this work? Are steel ones better than concrete counterparts? They are basically bridges that are used by industries that need to weigh huge items that cannot be weighed using conventional methods. These are structures that are used by a variety of industries that include the agricultural industry, construction industry, manufacturing industry, and many more.

There are two general types of weighbridges that companies can choose from – the steel and concrete ones which are available at National Weighbridges. Concrete ones have been around longer than their steel counterparts but both are the successors of the original wooden ones used before the 1950s. Some people prefer one over the other but more and more companies opt for steel due to many reasons.

Advantages of Steel Weighbridges over Concrete Ones

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One of the biggest reasons why steel ones are preferred over concrete counterparts is due to the fact that concrete ones are difficult to move. This is because such contraptions are heavier than their steel counterparts. This makes them almost impossible to move. There are many other reasons why steel is the preferred material for weighbridges and here are some of them:

  • Concrete weighbridge decks take a long time to cure – This will mean that if you need to use them as soon as possible, a steel one is your best bet. Curing of concrete platforms for these constructions can take between 3 and 4 weeks, eating into the production time of the company that needs it.
  • Concrete decks are difficult, if not impossible, to repair – When a concrete deck on a weighbridge break, repairing it is near impossible. This will mean the entire structure will have to be rebuilt or replaced. With steel ones, you don’t have to worry about such problems since these rarely break. The problems you might face with them would be the wearing out of the diamond traction treads and the slippery surface of the steel during wet conditions.
  • Steel weighbridge decks are easy to maintain and repair – Since the only damage you can expect from the deck of it is in the wearing out of the traction diamonds and in the removal of surface paint over time, repair and restoration is easy. Repainting and repairing of traction diamonds via welding are all that is needed when required.

Different Kinds of Weighbridges

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What kinds of those are there for companies to choose from? Here are some of the more commonly used ones:

  • Above-ground – These ones are found on top of the road or loading area. As the name implies, it is found above ground and can be accessed by vehicles with the use of an entry and exit ramp. These require a lot of space but are the easiest to install. If you want the one that you can use as soon as possible, an above-ground one is your best bet.
  • Semi-pit – This particular design is almost at ground level, with half of the mechanism under the ground and the platform above the ground. This gives you a lower level weighbridge that won’t require a too-high on and off-ramp. Sometimes, some designs don’t even require a ramp due to the low level of the platform.
  • In-ground – This weighbridge is fully level with the road or area it is installed in. These weighbridges are often used in confined spaces and are great in areas where there is little space for it but require the need for this construction. This type, however, requires a lot of prep work before it can be used.
  • Portable – This is used by those who need such tools temporarily, such as construction sites and the like. These can be easily put together and dismantled to be moved elsewhere.

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