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8 Surprising Ways Mobile Apps are Reinventing Politics Domain

Around a hundred years ago, politics was all about holding public campaigns, circulating posters with the slogan of the party, protests, and leaders’ speech.

While it seems just the same today also, the Politics domain has undergone considerable changes in the past few years. It has become much easier to keep a track of the political landscape and even participate in it- all thanks to mobile applications.

The mobile apps, that are often related to leisure time and business profits, are also making a difference in the political world. These apps are offering ample of benefits to both political parties, activists, and citizens of the nation. Something about which we will talk in detail in this article.

1. Seamless Campaign Management

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From planning the core agenda behind a campaign to deciding the dates, timing, location, and picking the right volunteers, a lot many activities have been involved in the process of campaign management. These activities are time-consuming and are a bit tough to handle.

But, with the help of a mobile application, the complete process becomes as easy as pie. These politics mobile app help candidates create awareness about their upcoming events, arrange everything, and keep a real-time record to smoothly organize a campaign.

2. Raising Funds

One of the major concerns of the political parties and associated people so far was that fundraising was tough.

People were either not familiar with their activities or not supporting their values. But, today, because of mobile applications, this complete process has become simple and efficient.

Political parties are now able to share and promote their ideas and raise funds from reputed investors as well as their followers. And the best part, users can contribute any amount, which opens new doors for fundraising for the companies.

3. Taking Surveys

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With the advent of mobile apps in the world of politics, taking surveys has also become easier.

Now, anyone who wishes to participate in a survey can share their views and other details, and add value to the process. They can also see the whole process and the outcomes of the survey, something that indicates transparency in the process.

4. Building Citizens’ Communities

Not just politicians and leaders, these mobile applications are also providing better solutions to citizens. These apps are offering citizens from the same and different regions to connect, collaborate, and bring out better ideas. And the best part, these applications are giving them an opportunity to build their own community; the one working towards the same motive.

5. Voting in Elections

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This is undeniably one of the biggest advantages of mobile apps in the political domain.

These mobility solutions, designed by the best app development companies like Appinventiv, have provided citizens with the most awaited opportunity to vote from anywhere and anytime. This has cut down the hassle that has been preventing users from fulfilling their duty of voting and electing the next leader. Also, it has added security into the process that made it more efficient and trustworthy.

6. Getting Acquainted with Latest Bills

Currently, people are so engrossed in their daily chores that they have no information about the bills being passed by their government and that ruling other regions/nations. A mobile application like Countable makes it possible for them to know about these bills and their whole journey. This keeps everyone, with or without interest in politics, updated with what’s happening in terms of rules across the world.

7. Tracking Polls

Political mobile applications also provide better opportunities to keep a real-time track of polls. This helps to prevent any sort of misshapen during the polling and also predict the results of the poll.

8. Making a Social Presence

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Above all, these mobile applications enable politicians to make their social presence, share their thoughts with others and build a bigger community of supporters, which uplifts their political career as well as makes it easier to connect with others.

So, these were some of the ways top leaders like Barack Obama are employing mobile applications to work in the era of politics and improve the whole scenario. To know more or plan around how to build your own politics mobile app, consult with the top mobile app development companies today.

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