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Top 10 Best Looking Orchids That You Can Buy in 2024

Orchids are one of the most loved flowers that represent beauty, luxury, and strength. They are delicate flowers with around 880 genres and more than 250.000 different types. When it comes to their appearance, they look different than other flowers, since their geometrically shaped petals make them quite exotic and desirable.

They are considered to be the 14th-anniversary flowers. Red orchids represent love and understanding, pink conveys affection, yellow represents fertility, while white orchids signify purity. They will add beauty and elegance to and arrangement. In this article, you will be able to read about ten best-looking orchids that you can get. Let’s take a look at the list:

Brassavola Orchids

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These flowers are native to the lowlands of South and Central America. They are white flowers that have an amazing citrusy scent. What is interesting about them is that you will only be able to smell them during the night, since they emit the fragrance to attract the right moth. This flower is also known as Lady of the Night. The flowers are star-shaped and are one to four inches in size.


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This type of orchids is one of the most unusual and unique orchids out there. The male flowers are showy flowers with big blooms that are produced in low light, while the female flowers are smaller in size. They have large, thick pseudobulbs with a fan of thin leaves.


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This type was discovered in 1824 and is one of the most common and popular orchid flowers today. They have around 50 species and can be found in Mexico and West Indies. One stem bears around two to eight flowers in a wide range of color combinations. It blooms in pink, red, white, orange, and yellow, and it is perfect as an indoor plant or cut flower.


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These flowers are a part of the Catasetum tribe and have an attractive fragrance. They bloom in ted, green, and yellow colors and they will be an amazing addition to your garden.


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These are one of the biggest genera or orchids with around 1200 species. They are quite diverse and can grow in any environmental condition. They have a pendant like stems and the flower blooms in a lot of flower combinations. According to the experts from floraqueen, this flower has a long-lasting bloom which makes it perfect for florists to use when making bouquets.

Epidendrum Orchids

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This flowers is one of the oldest orchids and it has close to 1000 species. It usually grows in tropical or subtropical regions and they are easy to grow. Some plants grow cane-like stems, while others grow pseudo bubbles.


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This wonder is a large genus with around 400 species. They are native to North America and they got their names from the Latin word “maxilla” which translates to “jawbone”. This is because the flower has a jawline appearance and the lip of the plant has an arched tongue appearance. The flowers grow rapidly and produce several flowers, especially smaller flowers and green leaves.


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The vanilla orchid is the orchid that produces vanilla. They are quite unusual and they grow like a vine. This flower does make vanilla, however, it is also beautiful as a flower.


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Miltassia is an intergeneric orchid which means that it is combined with another flower, and in this case, it is a combination of Miltonia crossed with Brassia. Both flowers are highly scented and multi-colored.


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Spathoglottis are terrestrial orchids with purple flowers. They usually grow in garden areas because of their size. It also grows quite well in low temperatures.


The list contains some of the most beautiful orchid flowers that you can get for your home or garden and if you were looking for the best-looking orchids, I hope that this article helped.

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