7 Beginner Tips To Elevate Your Gaming Skills

Gaming is one of the most exciting ways to pass your time. However, it can become very frustrating when you are new to it. It takes a lot of time and patience to become skilled in one game only. You can easily find gaming cheat sheets online, but that will not help you master your skills. So, if you are looking to become a better gamer, read on.

1. Keep on Playing

There is no secret to getting better. You have to practice. Playing over and over will help you perfect a myriad of gaming skills. You can start with one game and play it until you become exceptional at it. Learning one game can help you master the genre of the game. For example, if you enjoy playing soccer, learning FIFA will help you get better at PES, as the controls used in both are pretty much the same.

In addition, take time to play with better players. People more skilled than you will teach you better strategies not only in a specific game but also with your controller or PC. They will also help you improve your skills. You cannot slack when playing with better gamers.

2. Invest in Better Equipment


Having the best equipment can take up your gaming a notch higher. This does not mean that you have to break the bank. Nevertheless, the right equipment will help you get better. First, if you do not have any yet, a gaming PC is a great place to start. According to Tony Monzon, the hardware in a gaming PC is specifically designed for gaming. You can get a gaming PC based on what your budget is.

Secondly, create a gaming setup. You can start with a gaming mouse that fits comfortably in your hand. You should also get a comfortable chair and desk. If you are going to spend time playing, you need to be comfortable. You do not want to hurt your back in the process.

Lastly, high-quality headphones are a must. Gaming headphones offer better audio quality and noise cancellation. They also offer better comfort than ordinary headphones and protect your ears as your play.

3. Customize Your Settings

Spend time adjusting the controls in different games. This will help you know what works for you. For example, some experts suggest making your screen brighter when playing. This is because most games are made dark, and adjusting the brightness can help you see better.

Also, if you are using a Microsoft PC for gaming, you can optimize it for gaming by turning on Game Mode. This is especially beneficial if your PC is not built for gaming.

4. Watch Other Gamers


Many professional gamers screencast their gameplays, and some live stream the games they test online. You can find video tutorials on any game online. As you watch these tutorials, pay attention to how the gamers move as well as the equipment and settings used in the game.

5. Watch Yourself

You can also record yourself as you play. This will help you see how you are playing and what you can do better. Whether you choose to record using a gaming console or your PC, you will need screen recording software, which you can easily find.

Observing yourself will help you know whether you play better with or without music. Research studies are split between the two as some players play better with music, while others do not. Watching yourself play will let you know which option is better for you.

6. Exercise


Unless you spend time playing VR sports, most gamers can sit in front of a screen for hours. Exercise is not only great for a healthy lifestyle, but it also improves your cognitive health. It can help you learn faster, think more clearly, and problem-solve better. In fact, studies have shown that those who do not exercise show a decline in cognitive health. Clearly, staying fit is better for gamers.

Other than that, you should also do exercises to strengthen your wrists and fingers. Your hand is the star when gaming. You spend a lot of time gaming, and this can strain your hands and affect your reflexes. Exercises to strengthen them can significantly improve your gaming experience.

7. Play Games you Enjoy

Gaming should be something you enjoy. Start with a game you enjoy. If you play games you enjoy, chances are you will learn better. This is because you are more likely to keep on playing even when levels become difficult. The game will keep you going. Nonetheless, this does not mean you should not embark on new adventures.


Just like with any other skill, becoming great at gaming requires practice. The more you play, the better you become. You can also join various gaming forums where people share various gaming techniques. Such forums help you grow your skills in various games.

Above all, be patient with yourself. You will not master gaming overnight. Allow yourself to fail and learn from your failures. Play your games to improve and monitor these improvements.

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