Things you Did not Know About Rachel Minnie Sharp

If you did not know who she was, now you will find out. It is the ex-wife of Luke Perry, who is known around the world for his role as Dylan McKay in the Beverly Hills series, and who died of a stroke in March 2019.


Luke Perry, who was simultaneously filming the movie based on the true story ‘8 Seconds’, and the famous series Beverly Hills 90210 made a huge success. In that movie, he brought to life the lead role of Lane Frost, a professional bull rider who died in 1989 after injuries sustained while riding a bull.

It was this film and the popular series that earned him the title of Hollywood’s greatest seducer of the ’90s. One of the many letters from the fans who overwhelmed him was that of furniture saleswoman and model Rachel Mini Sharp, who sent him a bra at his home address. Some even speculate that she sent him a photo of her breasts.

“With the many letters I received, I found a bra packed in a box. I can’t say if that move won me over first, but it was certainly brave and different from anything I had experienced up to that point. I can safely say that she is my biggest fan, “Luke Perry admitted at the time.


The couple soon got to know each other better and fell in love, and soon they got married. Although they initially intended to go to Las Vegas and married there, the plan failed after it was revealed by the media.

Therefore, a private ceremony was held in 1993 in a circle of about fifty friends and parents.

”Obviously, decency is not the only way to win someone over. I’m not saying that my move is grossly rude, but it is certainly bold and courageous. I think Luke won that, that dose of my naughty spirit. By the bra, I wrote him a message saying I was his biggest fan because I am. I did not miss any episodes of the series he starred in, and I had his photos glued above the bed. When we met, I could not believe it was happening. I felt at the same time trembling and indescribable happiness. I’m his wife now. If someone had told me it would happen, I would never have believed him” – said Minnie, who gave birth to his daughter Sophie and son Jack, whom Luke rarely talks about.


The affair between him and his wife lasted ten years, and then the couple divorced in 2003 without too much media pomp. They had never been scandalous in marriage so many considered him perfect. The journalists asked why they decided to divorce, they did not want to comment too much but stated that it was not a third party.

Luke Perry left all his wealth after his death to his children, and there are no rumors in media that Rachel Minnie Sharp is dating anyone at present.

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