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5 Perfect Birthday Party Ideas to Keep Kids Active

Organizing a birthday party for your child is not as easy as it seems since there are so many trends today and it might get difficult to choose the right activities for that occasion. The first thing that you have to consider is related to modern technology because most of the kids today are active on online platforms where they can watch streams, read various articles, and play video games. Education is also changing with many e-books available online. Some schools already implemented online education where kids can download books from websites and learn by using their tablets or PCs. This is especially important for the environment since there is less use of paper. Moreover, it is proven that learning through multimedia can help the kids to be more effective n school.

On the other side, it might get difficult for parents to come up with the best solution related to the birthday party of their kid since most of them are interested in online activities. However, many options could separate them from smartphones and PCs at least for one day. While the gaming industry represents the leading factor for entertainment these days, there are still many other activities where kids could perform and have a great time outside of their rooms.

For example, zorbing, archery tag, nerf gun party, and bubble soccer are some of the most popular activities that you can choose, and you can read more about them at Besides them, there are many other activities that you can choose for kids at the birthday party and provide them with fun. Being more physically active is very important for kids, especially when we know that they spend most of their free time in front of screens while playing games or watching various TV shows. Therefore, it is a great idea to choose some activities that will motivate kids to be more active. Here are some of the best ideas for the birthday party.

Pie In the Face

If you want to choose something funny and surprising that will make everyone at the party laugh, the great option is to buy an additional cake and let the kids throw it at each other during the cheering time. According to Midday Squares, this is especially popular among kids under 10 years old. It is amazing how the cheering factor is when you decide to wait for the kid to blow the candles, and then let all of them throw pieces of it at each other. However, you should have an additional cake to let them enjoy sweets as well.

Dancing Party

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One of the easiest ways to motivate the kids to be more active at the party is to organize a dancing party. The first thing that you should do is to research the modern music that kids are listening. These trends are changing very fast, which means that it is very important to select the playlist with the most recent pop hits. The main benefit is that the children will leave their smartphones and start playing more traditionally. There are many reasons to consider this option, such as the fact that a lot of kids are struggling with obesity since they spend a lot of time while playing video games.

Sports Games

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Depending on the number of kids at the party, you can organize a tournament in various sports activities like baseball, soccer, football, dodge ball, and much more. The great benefit is that you can help the kids to understand the importance of physical activity and why they should spend more time outside of their room and away from PCs and smartphones. We are aware that most kids prefer online activities, but this choice might motivate some of them to become more interested in the sport.

Portable Swimming Pool

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The great thing is that you can easily find a proper swimming pool since this product is available in different sizes. Therefore, you should buy one where the kids will have enough space to play with each other. Swimming and playing in the water represent a very healthy activity for kids, which makes this option one of the best on this list. Moreover, it would be great if you pay attention to the food available at the birthday party. Except for the cake, you should buy more healthy food that can show the kids the importance of having a proper nutrition plan. These parties represent a great solution for educating kids about some of the most serious issues of modern society, like obesity and all of the side-effects it can cause.

Focus on Education

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Besides sports and other physical activities, you can also focus on education. For instance, you can organize a quiz party and select the questions according to the age of your kid and his friends. This is a great method for providing the kids with additional education in a way where they will become more interested in learning new stuff. Also, you can add some prize for the winner of the quiz to make the kids even more interested in this activity

Last Words

As you can see, there are many options that you can choose when it comes to the selection of activities for your kid’s birthday, and we suggest you focus on those that will make the kids more motivated for sport and other forms of physical activities. There is a serious issue related to modern society where kids often spend too much time in front of screens. There are many dangers related to the lack of physical activity, such as obesity, diabetes, poor social skills, and more.
Therefore adding various games at the party might help the kids to understand why it is important to be more active and more social instead of playing video games most of the time. Besides the common activities that we mentioned in this article, you can choose from many other options as well, and the best way to select the right ones is to learn more about the preferences of kids.

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