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Things to Consider When Buying a Best Queen Platform Bed Frame

How nice it feels when you are comfortable and peaceful once you crash on your bunk at the end of a bad day. Most people think that the mattress is all it takes for sleeping to be perfect but they are wrong. People do not realize that simply purchasing a mattress is not enough. You need to find the perfect bunk frame for the mattress. There is a reason why you need to buy the perfect frame for the bunk mattress. How would you feel that the bunk you ordered online breaks the moment you sit on it? Hence, a bunk is not the mattress alone and it is a combined effort of the bunk frame, the mattress, and the right fitting to make you feel comfortable. Thus, invest in a bunk that is strong and has a great frame.

Reasons for Buying a Queen Platform Bed

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If you want to choose a frame for it, then you need to purchase a kind of platform bed too. They are available in different ranges and styles. They are suited to most decors and they are suited for traditional to transitional or non-conventional. They are not as heavy as any other beds like box spring. They are easier to move around and they are economical too. They are multipurpose too as they have storage space and underdrawers too. When you are shopping for a headboard, choose for a better headboard that is wider than the bed. A rule of thumb, it is suggested to take wider headboard so that it can give a good vibe to the room and headboards look cool when they are wider than the mattress.

How to choose the best bed frame?

Fix the on the size and the length of the sleeping furniture, and then make a note of the size requirements of the bed so that you can fit the bed in the room properly. It should be strong and durable. Though the functionality is totally up to you, make sure it fits right into the décor of the room. Then, you can pick a good mattress that goes along with the frame.

Type of material

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Considering the type of material for any platform bed frame you need to research the ones that are durable and comfortable. The material you want can be dependent on the aim of purchasing the queen platform bed frame. If you want to upgrade or change the whole look of the room, then you need to think of leather upholstery or Headboard detailing. There are several types of materials that frames are made of. Here are some of them you can think of choosing for your queen-sized platform bed frame.

Wooden frames give the medieval look as they are rich and grand in scale. But, frames made of iron and steel also rolled out because of their functionality. They could help solve so many problems that wooden ones couldn’t, like getting rid of bugs, insects, and lice. If your aim is functionality, then you can go for metal frames. They are more strong, sturdy and you don’t have to worry about the material getting weaker. These can work for many years and if you can maintain them properly.

Another factor that influences the type of material you can choose is the kind of result you are going to get. If you want the room to be warm, then you can go for a wooden frame. There are again different types like oak, pine, and maple. Click here to find many wooden frames like this. You also have a leather frame that can be further divided into genuine leather or faux leather. It comes in different colors and it is made of hardwood wrapped with leather. It is visually pleasing but it requires a lot of maintenance.

How is the outlook of the room?

When you are considering different types of bed frames, you have to look at how the bedroom is designed. A bed frame that is not in line with the room, looks odd. You should be looking for that frame which can suit the room. A frame can suit and compliment the room and furniture or they can be the most highlighted furniture in the room. So, you need to decide what your bed frame should be: an accessory or a centerpiece. Sometimes, the wooden variants help to get more warmth in the room and are suitable for rooms in cooler places.

What is your budget?

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Though you are planning of purchasing the bed frame, you need to think about the budget too. They can be either very expensive or not expensive at all. It might be nice to select the cheapest, but then with price comes the features. The most basic ones are cheap but they might not last for very long. Hence, it is advised that you do full research before purchasing the bed frame. You can see which style of frames can go well with your room. It is better not to regret later and thus do the research beforehand. Generally, the most expensive ones are the leather frames while the metal ones are the cheapest. They are also widely available because they are easy to process.

Size of the room

No matter how the outlook of the room can be, you need to always be aware of the size of the room. The queen size platform beds are measured by 60 by 80 inches. So whichever material you are going for or whatever your aim is, it should fit within the size of the room. You certainly do not want it to occupy a mammoth space of the room and then leave no room for the other bedroom furniture and vice versa. Best practice over here can be taking accurate measurements of the bedroom and then go for buying a new platform bed frame.

Slat Spacing

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There is also something called the slat spacing where sometimes, the mattress sags. If the mattress sags, that means it is better if you go for wide platform bed frames and there is splat spacing. Those with slats in the frame help in bearing weight. There are different types of slats like wooden slats that bend and curve so that they can accommodate the big weights without breaking in the middle. Yes, that sleep furniture needs to bear weight and that can happen if their slat technology in the frame. They help to bear the weight on the bed and prevent the breaking of beds in the middle.

Space from the floor

When you are taking a good sleep furniture frame, there must be some underframe space. Then you can easily slide some boxes under the sleeping furniture. Go for a queen size sleep furniture frame that allows that, you can see more of such types here. That is the best thing about these platform sleep furniture’s, they are functional and multi-purpose. If you want to have lots of storage space in your home, then choose platform sleep furniture frames.

No Noise Policy

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When you are purchasing a queen size bed frame, it is an amazing choice for two people and thus the best choice for couples. Choose a bed frame that is sound and strong and provides service free of noise and creaking sounds. The wooden frames are the ones that make more sounds and hence, you can choose good quality ones. Even the metal beds make these squeaking pains because of the loose fittings of the joints keeping the frame together. To solve this problem, you can fix all the loosened nuts and coat it with paint. This makes sure that it prevents any rusting to happen. If you compare the wooden ones with the metal ones, the wooden frame doesn’t make that much noise. So, whichever frame going for, make sure that they are the best quality ones.

Which type of platform bunk is the best?

Though you are purchasing a frame for the platform bunk, which type of platform bunk are you going to buy? There are sleigh bunks that are romantic, elegant and distinct. They can also be a dominant part of the bunkroom. Then there is a four-poster bunk that gives a royal vibe to the room. They are visually soft and for a variation, there is a panel bunk too. You can have a canopy bunk that is also four-poster but has a covered.


So now you know how to purchase the best platform bunk frame for your home. While quality and functionality are the two main things to consider, but other crucial factors such as the price of the frame, the material, the style of the bunk, the ergonomics and the size of it all matters. Hence, make it your serious business to find a good one because people spend one-third of their lives on the bunk. To conclude, it is a good investment in bunks because there are going to stay for a long time.

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