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Main 8 Things to Avoid When Dating a Slavic Woman to Be Successful

Description: Wonder whether dating a Slavic woman is worthy? Want to know the principles of proper behavior on the first date with a Slavic bride? Fortunately, you will find the list of eight things not to do on the first date. Check them out!

Are the Slavic brides worth dating?

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If you are a man, you are likely to be looking for a beautiful woman. Where can you find her? Of course, in one of the Slavic countries. These countries are abundant in stunning girls with a degree in one of the disciplines. They are both attractive and smart. You should visit a Slavic country to find a charming Slavic lady. Slavic brides are worth dating, for sure, but there are some principles you need to consider when dating a Slavic bride.

Things to avoid when dating a Slavic woman:

Thing 1. Being a typical pickup artist

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Slavic girls can tell the difference between an honest man and a common pick-upper. They feel when the only thing a man wants from them is their body. If you think you can trick her, you would better not do it because you might hurt her feelings. Every Slavic girl is a princess inside and wants to find Mr. Right of her dreams. They would like to be with a guy who is responsible, reputable, and reliable. Keep these three Rs in mind before you ask a Slavic girl for a date.

Some girls from other countries are frivolous, but it is not about a Slavic woman. Slavic girls value family and are of high moral standards and principles. Try to match her if you share the same values.

Thing 2. Look miserable

Every normal girl avoids dating a loser. If you want to make her feel sympathy for you, you would better visit some other country. Slavic girls like men with confidence and the ones who can take care of themselves. Do not even try to ask a Slavic girl to date you for the second time if you complained about your life on the first date.

Slavic girls like winners. They want to be with a successful man in the aftermath. Do not try to make her cry, listening to a sad story of your life about your ex and cruel mother. She is not your mama or nanny to do it. You should look like a hero in her eyes to impress her and inspire to date one more time.

Thing 3. Lose your temper

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Not every Slavic girl knows English well. You should make her feel relaxed and accepted. Let her make her first mistakes talking to you and politely correct them. You might also begin to visit courses to learn her native language.

The last thing she expects from you is to be irritated or annoyed when she makes a mistake talking to you. Act like a teacher but remain a man simultaneously. This is the only way to win the heart of a Slavic lady.

Thing 4. Disrespect her

Many Slavic girls enter universities to get higher education and a certain degree to be respected by other people. They want to be independent and, to some extent, even strong. If you disrespect her interests and start laughing or humiliating her hobbies, you will never meet her for the second time. Do not even try to manipulate her by doing such cheap tricks. Slavic girls tend to visit psychological seminars to be able to handle such things. They know how to resist the manipulator and say «No.»

Thing 5. Refuse to pay for her

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The last thing a Slavic girl expects from you is to be mean. You should pay for her if you invite her to a restaurant. Maybe, it is not like this in your native country, and the western women do not like to be paid for the dinner on the date. These things do not work out in the Slavic countries, so it will be impossible for you to save money. For a typical Slavic girl, a foreigner means a rich man. If you are unable to pay for a cup of tea in a cafe, you would not better begin such relationships because she will not trust you. It is normal for a Slavic lady to accept presents like flowers, candies, etc. They even call a period of dating at the initial stage a «Candy-bouquet» period. So be generous and get ready to spend some money.

Thing 6. Ignore listening to her

The most important quality of a man is listening to his lady, as for the Slavic girls. You might nod from time to time or leave a few comments just for her to make sure you are listening and really care. If you begin to interrupt her and teach her how to live, you will never meet again for the second time.

Being attentive and polite are two features that a Slavic girl wants to be present in her beloved one. Try to be patient and accept her the way she is. Do not correct her because she is not a man, and her psychology is more gentle and even fragile.

Thing 7. Be rude

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Do not use dirty words and dirty language. Moreover, do not try to teach them to her because she already knows them. You should use pure English to talk with her without using any slang words. You might want to look cool by doing it, but she will not understand it on the first date.

Using obscene language is typical for losers, as for the Slavic girls. They do not want their boyfriend to speak this way. They are looking for a polite and well-mannered guy, so try to match if you can.

Thing 8. Be too strict

Note that this is your first date with a Slavic girl. You should make her trust you. She should feel comfortable and relaxed on a date. Do not ask her too many questions for a date not to turn into an interview. Even if you are a big boss, you should be gentle and kind when you are with her. Females are expecting a man to be a bit soft to trust their lives and destiny.

The bottom line

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It might not be easy and straightforward to win the heart of a charming Slavic lady, but it is worth doing. For the first time, you should create a positive impression on her. Try to dress up well and use some perfume. She should feel that you were preparing for a date with her and wanted to impress her.

Every woman is a princess inside. Try to behave like a prince to win her heart. Do not rush to move on, even if you like her very much. Let her get used to you to proceed. It is effortless to spoil the mood of every girl. If you overtry or do less than expected, it is unwelcome. Use your imagination and be creative when you are dating a Slavic girl. Bring fresh and beautiful flowers on the date and smile at her when giving them to her. She must not feel like you did not want to spend money on her, even if you are a little bit mean inside.

Wish you would be lucky to find your charming go here fast. Good luck!

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