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Jobs That Offer Visa Sponsorship in New Zealand

New Zealand offers the largest range of visas for skilled migrants in the world. Whether you are looking for a career change or a career boost, New Zealand’s range of skills shortage positions and seasonal work offer you exactly what you need. Find jobs that offer visa sponsorship in New Zealand below.

Nursing Jobs

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New Zealand has a critical shortage of overseas trained nurses, the Government is trying to correct this by offering sponsorship to Registered Nurses from other countries. You can work in New Zealand for up to 2 years as a Nurse on a temporary visa and earn an average of $23.83 per hour.

To be eligible for registration, you must have a bachelor’s degree or higher from a nursing education program accredited by the appropriate national board, hold current and active membership in your home country’s nursing regulatory body, meet all New Zealand qualifications requirements and be able to provide evidence.

With an open mind and a strong work ethic, you could enjoy the most diverse, multicultural city in the world. Professional nurses are in high demand across many specialties. You and your family will enjoy inclusive health care and free dental care for those who spend 2 years in NZ.

Telecoms Jobs

New Zealand is an amazing place to live and work. To be employed here, you must have either a job offer or a visa sponsorship from a Kiwi employer. And, with Telecom jobs in New Zealand, it’s never been easier to apply for a permanent skilled visa to reside and work in the Land of the Long White Cloud with the help of employers.
Not your continent? Not a problem. That’s even better. New Zealand looks at you as a person, not a passport. The selection process is completely transparent and based on the merit of those who apply. So, if you’re smart, skilled, and ready to make it happen in New Zealand – New Zealand will welcome you with open arms.

Chef Jobs

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Get a great job as a chef in New Zealand; whether you have experience or not you can work for leading Kiwi brands such as Foodstuffs, Starbucks, Helloworld, or Mexicali Fresh.

New Zealand offers unique, wide-ranging, and flexible visa options open to foreign chefs willing to live and work in the country. New Zealand’s range of visa options gives you the choice to either apply for an employer nominated visa or a temporary visa which is open to all professions including chefs. There are thousands of jobs available in Auckland for cooks, chefs, sous chefs, and so on with visa sponsorship.

Farming Jobs

New Zealand looks across all industries for work visa candidates, including agriculture and food production.
Farm jobs in New Zealand are becoming more popular recently with a growing number of foreign workers seeking jobs in New Zealand. Farming jobs in New Zealand provide many benefits for workers and you can come to New Zealand with your family.

Jobseekers can work up to 12 months to gain valuable work experience. With seasonal jobs such as fruit picking, winemaking, tourism, and viticulture there are plenty of opportunities.

Fast, easy, and safe to sponsor skilled workers as temporary or permanent immigrants. In any case, the NZIS can help you to find New Zealand farming jobs with visa sponsorship.

Teaching Jobs

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New Zealand welcomes international educators who are qualified to teach at all levels of education in New Zealand. New Zealand has deliberately made the visa process for teachers and other education professionals straightforward, with few barriers or hoops to jump through.

There are several positions available that come with visa sponsorship and the opportunity to work and live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. You can teach English in New Zealand under the government’s free ESOL teaching scheme as a fully sponsored temporary migrant.

The New Zealand government offers you the chance to live and work there with your partner and children. Apply today to secure a future in NZ.

Animal Care Jobs

Are you looking to live and work in New Zealand? If yes, then think about Animal Care jobs in New Zealand with visa sponsorship.

Animal care is very important, it means to study animals and birds. To give them clean drinking water, feed them with food which they eat, and to take care of the health of animals. There are types of animal care such as zoo animal care, zoo animal feeder, farm animal care, and pet store animal care. There are many more kinds of animal care like wildlife sanctuary, shelter, or rescue work.

With sponsorship, you get your permanent visa sponsored by New Zealand companies. You can get your permanent residence approved within 1 month with all travel costs paid by employers.

Construction Jobs

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The demand for skilled construction workers and tradespeople in New Zealand continues to grow. With work opportunities in all regions of the country, employers are looking for people who want to live, work, and raise a family in New Zealand. And most are willing to sponsor.

The depth of engineering in New Zealand’s building industry is world-class and their people are recognized as the best in the world. Construction work with visa sponsorship is one of the best routes to permanent residence in New Zealand. And if you have a New Zealand partner, it makes your path to permanent residence easier and faster.

The process is not always straightforward which is why it is important to learn more about it via resources like or enlist the services of licensed immigration agencies.


New Zealand needs you. A business, an employer or even just a qualification can help you start a great new life in New Zealand. If you have good experience from your previous job in your field, in any part of the world, then you can get a New Zealand Visa to stay in this country. The process is to get government recognition for those jobs that are essential for New Zealand’s economy and society.

New Zealand currently requires non-resident applicants to be sponsored by an employer to work in the country. The Immigration New Zealand website has details on all of the available sponsorship categories as well as detailed information on how to apply for a visa.

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