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7 Things To Consider Before Installing A Swimming Pool

Not everyone is in a position to afford a pool in the yard. But if you are, it can really make your space blossom. Are you thinking of installing it in order to have a private rescue from the coming heat? Or are you still in a planning phase and have a lot of questions in the head? Depending on the affinity and financial possibilities, you can opt for an economical or a more luxurious solution. In any case, hearing a few basic things you need to consider is always welcome – from technical to aesthetic – and without that, you shouldn’t start the work. Consultation with the family is always desirable, especially if you’re planning to make that location your home for the rest of your life. That’s why we have prepared some of the answers to the most asked question – how to do it without missing something huge?

Well, in case you don’t know where to start, read this.


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Just like when planning any upgrade for your house or making a decision, you need to determine why you’re doing it. What’s the purpose?

Many factors might depend on that decision, such as the size of the space you need or the dimensions of the pool. Do you plan to use it for recreational or relaxing purposes? Is it just a momentary whim or a wish you have had all your life? Because once a large amount of money is invested in such construction, there’s no going back. And the fact is that this kind of investment can be quite expensive, not being recommendable to play with.

Health reasons, on the other hand, may require other conditions. So, a seemingly not-so-important step still has a weight to consider. If you have a clear vision about what you really want to do within this project, it’ll be easier for you to make all the other decisions awaiting you.

Consider legal measures

However, you can’t do everything just the way it suits you and the way you would like. In most countries, such projects are defined by law.

The law on zoning must be respected, and that’s why checking whether your property meets all the necessary conditions is crucial before looking for installation experts or meeting your architect.

Don’t leave this to chance as we’re sure you don’t want to cause any law issues and ruin your own enjoyment. Laws and regulations that set the standard for making swimming pools are there, too, and sometimes it happens that they’re quite strict and don’t tolerate exceptions. In any case – take this into account before setting off on this journey.

Building materials

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When it comes to the material which you’ll use for building the pool, thinking shouldn’t take much of your time as the choice isn’t as big as you think. You can opt for a traditional or modern way. The first option involves reinforced concrete pools and the second fiberglass. Both have their positive and negative sides.

Older and traditional methods have always been considered more quality and long-lasting ones, which is the case here as well. Building a concrete pool usually takes much longer so you’ll definitely have to be more patient should you opt for this. When the works end, there mustn’t be any cracks or irregularities. Concrete can be shaped according to the customer’s wishes, and finally, you can put tiles, concrete paint, colored quartz or marble mortar on the bottom.

Fiberglass pools are a modern variant that also has its advantages. It’s made in advance so that you can choose whether you want it to be inground or above the ground – and it looks more like a little home spa. Today, their installation is a specialty of many companies, so read more here about it, especially if you are from Sydney.

Swimming pool position

The position is a crucial point to consider and it depends on many factors. What comes first is the sun exposure of the terrain on which you’re planning the installation. It’s significant because of the speed of water heating, but also because of sunbathing. However, it isn’t bad to have a tree under which you can take shelter from the sun in scorching summer days.

For a more intimate feeling and privacy, provide a corner of the yard that’s sheltered from the curious glances of the neighbors. It would be perfect to have it insight when you’re at home in case you have small children.

You’ll also need stable soil, so, of course, make sure that all your wishes and possibilities that you have match the legal norms.


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The price can also depend on several factors. So before you start with the works, determine in detail what the package of services you received means, to avoid sudden costs.

Exact prices can be checked on the supplier’s website. The price of concrete construction is somewhere between $25,000 and $35,000. However, if you want a special shape or special cover material, the price might increase up to $50,000. Fiberglass construction is a slightly cheaper option.

Adequate maintenance

Among other things, all cleaning and maintenance equipment is essential. Chlorinators, pumps and filters are an additional cost that we can’t avoid if we want it to be as clean as a pin. The goal is a long lifespan and the cleaning techniques and what’s needed for performing them depend on the type of material.

Concrete construction requires a little more complicated maintenance than fiberglass. You must also have space provided for storing pipes and all disinfection devices. After all, if you have enough money, you don’t even need to do it alone – hire some professional cleaners to do it for you.


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Investing in landscaping might complete your enjoyment in the right way. Hire one of the companies that deal with this or create the space that surrounds the swimming area by yourself, if you’re creative enough. This gives you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild and express the taste you possess.

Look for ideas on websites. Consider inserting a hot tub and making your own spa. Add lots of greenery and flowers as well as some interesting tiles around the pool, too. Massagers, springboards, and deck chairs are also welcome as a part of such an idea.

Inquire well before entering into such an investment and consider all the previously mentioned items. When you think about everything, nothing prevents you from realizing your dream and installing your personal spa corner – the only thing that matters is your wish!

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