Why Get a Concrete Mineral Pool – Discover The Benefits

Is there a better way of chilling out during the summer than relaxing at your swimming pool? We don’t think so. You not only get to take the heat off during those hot summer days but also host fun parties or spend some enjoyable time with your family and friends. So, take advantage and prepare for summer by getting a new swimming pool.

Even better than merely installing a new pool is getting a concrete mineral one. Discover more about concrete mineral ones and installation options below.

Why Get a Concrete Swimming Pool?

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These have significant benefits regarding appearance. They are highly customizable, appealing, and durable. Here are some of the benefits of choosing concrete pool installations:

  • The concrete one is made on site. You can customize anything in terms of ledges, steps, and depth variations.
  • Concrete offers limitless design, and you can go a bit deeper if you want more swimming room for a diving board.
  • You can also have an additional spa attachment installed within the concrete pool
  • It’s easier to add water features or fountains afterward
  • You can also install lighting or combine colors to create a customized ambiance

Ensure it’s a Mineral Pool

Unlike salt or chlorine-based, mineral ones use a custom mixture of minerals to kill bacteria, prevent algae growth and keep it nice and clean. Ensuring you install a concrete mineral swimming pool guarantees the following:

  • Concrete mineral ones offer consistently smoother water that feels amazing your skin. Meanwhile, chlorine has been known to feel quite abrasive and even cause rashes when you spend too long in the water.
  • The other significant reason why these are popular nowadays is that the minerals have a healing effect on your body. Swimming in mineral pools will leave you feeling detoxified and relaxed. It is the perfect solution for aches and pains
  • Also, besides eliminating the need for chlorine, algaecides or clarifies, this helps to conserve both power and water. You effectively save more than 10,000 liters of water yearly while significantly dropping down operational costs.
Img Source: neopools.com.au

Add a Mini-Spa

A spa is an excellent addition to any concrete pool, and the best time to do it is during the construction process. That way, the mini spa is linked to the same water supply, heating, and filtration system. Here are more reasons to include the spa in your concrete mineral pool:

  • An attached mini-spa seamlessly integrates into your pool’s design and creates an attractive focal point in your backyard.
  • The spa adds a new, fun element to the concrete mineral pool where you can enjoy throughout the year.
  • It is also a much more intimate setting when you are with your special person.
  • Finally, spas are therapeutic and can quickly tame and relax stressed out or tired muscles, which improves both your physical and mental health.
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Include an Automatic Pool Cleaner Too

A clean one looks more attractive and is hygienic to use. Also, it means that dirt will not end up clogging your filters, heaters, or pumps, causing them to fail. Having an automatic cleaner can guarantee that it is always clean without having to do the manual scrubbing yourself.

  • Automatic cleaners are more efficient and offer a much more impactful deeper clean
  • They are also energy efficient and come with advanced pool cleaning technologies
  • They are low maintenance and have great features

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