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What Are The Worst Days to Move During The Holiday Season?

Moving during the holidays can be extremely hectic. Not only will you have holiday events and shopping to handle, but you’ll also have to deal with choosing a mover, packing up, getting rid of all of your stuff in preparation for your forthcoming move. On a positive note, moving during this time is a great idea to start the New Year as you embark on an adventure at your new place. The main thing is to be carefully organized and focused as you get through this relocation and the holidays without being too stressed out. Read some useful tips on how to make your move during the holidays, productive and organized.

Let’s proceed with listing down the worst time periods to move provided by and based on сosts.

Peak season

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If you don’t want to break up your bank and keep your moving costs as affordable as possible, try to avoid moving during the peak season, this is actually a period from May to June and the whole summer, of course. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you should book your move in the middle of winter. If the movers have to struggle in impossible weather conditions that put your move at risk as well, it can also generate possible delays in delivery. So weather conditions are important too.


Being considered the most appropriate time after busy working days weekends can also cost you money. The majority of people plan their moves to happen during these days. As a result, it becomes harder to book the needed date and will also cost you extra money. But it is still real.

Beginning and end of the month

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The first day of the month is not the best variant as well. Furthermore, the last days of the month are the busiest too.

In the middle of the school year

It is obvious that it would be better for your children to schedule the move at the end of their academic year. They will have time to get accustomed to a new place and start a new life.


You should take into consideration that road traffic can be terrible during the holidays. Furthermore, movers are usually fully-booked during holidays as well, so all of their charges are extremely reasonable.

Bonus Moving Tips

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  • Try to manage packing in advance of the moving day. If your belongings are not packed properly, they may be damaged, pay more attention to valuables such as electronics and antiques. Consult with your movers before you start packing what household items may need special handling.
  • A lot depends on your decision. When choosing a moving helper, always look at what cars the company offers. If a moving company has one type of car for all occasions, you can’t count on speed and quality.
  • To avoid possible misunderstandings, discuss all the details of the upcoming movie, including the cost, with the same representative of the moving company. The more contacts, the more likely something will go wrong at any step of your move. It seems to be an obvious rule, but not everyone follows.
  • Ask what services can movers provide you with: for example, if they can assemble your furniture. Do not hesitate to clarify the warranty and ask for an exact price. Otherwise, you risk agreeing on a single amount, and after unloading, you will encounter dissatisfied movers who demand to add the same amount.
  • A normal search for trustworthy moving helpers may take several days. If you don’t want the cost of moving to be high, you need to call several companies and make a comparison table. And it will take time to find true reviews about the movers.

Additional Packing Tips when moving

  • To make it easier to move and not lose anything, collect things from the same room in boxes that are marked with the same color. This will make it easier to find things in a new place.
  • It is best to add an inventory list on each box with an indication of what is in it and make the inventory itself on a sheet of colored paper. Attach the sheet, completely gluing the surface with tape. It is a laborious job, but it is worth the time spent. And if you assign a number to each box, it is much easier to calculate whether everything has been unloaded.
  • Use smaller boxes for heavier items and bigger boxes for light things.
  • Measure the height and width of all doorways. If they are too narrow or low for the load, you may need to call the masters and temporarily remove the doors. In any case, wrap the doors with plastic wrap; otherwise, scratches and chips are inevitable. Use the same tape to protect the corners of the furniture.

Essential Boxes

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  • One box must contain the most valuable items and documents. It should be carried next to you, do not trust anyone.
  • Another box should include a stock of essential items that will be useful in the new place. If you are traveling late in the evening and plan to take things apart only in the morning, then the box will contain bed linen and toiletries. If you immediately begin to arrange the transported items in their places, but the tools there too.
  • If you are moving long-distances, prepare a box with emergency supplies, which will contain everything that will help you survive without other things if the cargo is delayed for some reason. Take this box with you, too.

We hope these tips will help you optimize the process and to move with ease efficiently. Remember that a trustworthy and reliable mover is 95% success of your move. Professional moving helpers will ensure your move to be a safe, smooth, and fast relocation that will guarantee you a successful beginning of your new life. Hiring professional movers and packers to take care of your belongings will save you plenty of time, effort, and headaches and will ensure your peace of mind. Have a safe and smooth relocation!

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