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6 Reasons Why Spring Is the Best Season for Moving

If you decided to move, you need to plan every detail carefully, check out for more details, including the season when it’s best to go to your new home and start your new life there. A lot of people think that every season is good for this big step, but springtime is the best because the day is getting bigger and you have enough daylight time to finish your job.

Even the weather condition is by our side when we decide to move during the spring. The yard is pretty and refreshed, and the temperature is just right, not too cold and not too warm, to finish the moving job perfectly.

Here are a few benefits of moving during the spring months:

1. The weather is better compared to other seasons

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When you need to move from your old place to the new home, it may cause a lot of stress and sadness. When doing it in cold or hot months, you will get exhausted because the weather is not on your side. That is one of the many reasons because the weather conditions are the best during the springtime. Mild temperatures are better than extreme conditions during the rest of the year. You need to follow the weather forecast, so you can avoid the rainy days, that may mess with your moving process.

2. Less money for professional moving services

When you need to move your furniture to the new place, you need to hire professionals that will help you finish that task successfully. Also, you need to pay them, and the spring season is the cheapest for this service. For example, summer is the busiest and if you look for professional movers it will be harder to find them. During the winter, they may charge you more, because of the bad weather conditions, such as snow and winds. Many studies showed that spring is the less competitive time of the year and you can find the moving company you want and get a great deal. According to, this whole process can be relaxing and inexpensive for you, if you plan it wisely and search for the right companies that offer this type of service.

3. You can get a better deal for your old house

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You can sell your old house or apartment for a better price during the spring months. Many people are looking for their new dream home at the end of the winter and they find the one they fall in love within the spring. This decision depends on many factors, but moving professionals believe that this time of the year is motivational for new beginnings. Use this peak and sell your old house for a good price. That will later help you renovate your new home with a not so tight budget. During the summer, the real estate prices may decrease, because of the great competition. People who hurry to sell their old house use the summer period, but if you want to get more money on it, wait until the next spring.

5. Kids are still at school

If your kids are grown enough to help you during the process, use the spring break to move. If they’re still too young, they will only mess with you, so you can move before or after the spring break, while they are at school. Whatever you decide to do, it’s a win-win situation for you. Ready for the summer

If you settle down in your new home, you can wait for the summer holidays without any stress because of the move. Try to finish the whole process before the summer starts. Hot weather can make you extra sensitive and the moving will come over your head. Just think about the great welcome party for your friends. It’s always great to organize it in the breezy summer nights.

6. Spring is a symbol of new beginnings

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When nature wakes up and the trees are greener, that is a symbol of new beginnings. The springtime is all about new nature cycles and isn’t that charming enough to help you decide to move during that special time of the year?

How to organize a spring move?

Whatever you want to do, you need to plan the process carefully and prepare for it. Get rid of all the unnecessary trash, organize the moving day, and plan the next step. Book the moving company as early as you can, so you can follow your plan. The best part of the day is the early afternoon because the chances of rain are bigger before the evening. Also, you’ll be able to organize the spring cleaning better and sort the belongings. If you want to make extra money, you can organize a garage sale for the things you don’t want and need.

Disadvantages of spring relocating

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If you have school-age children, the relocation can be a challenging task for all of you. They will have a lot of exams before the school year ends and may need your help. Also, if you decide to move in late spring months, the movers may be busy, so you need to organize it in March or April. Follow the weather conditions, because sometimes, springs are pleasant, but they may also be rainy and cold. Decide what is best for you and plan the big day carefully, so you won’t miss and forgot anything.

What is the second-best season to move to your new house?

Many things related to the relocation process depend on weather conditions. So, you may want to avoid winters and summers, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. The second best season to move in your new home may be late autumn, because the weather is calm enough and the heavy rainy days are over. If you’re able to do that, choose workdays to move. Sometimes, weekends can be stressful and not good for big steps.

We hope this article helped you decide when is the best time to start your new beginning. Spring is a great time for big changes, and relocating is one of the most important moments in our life, no matter the reasons and conditions behind it.

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