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The Risk of Jaundice in Children With Cerebral Palsy

Most people do not view Jaundice and Cerebral Palsy as a severe disease which is a common misconception. Although, indeed, Jaundice can sometimes clear out on its own, when left untreated, it can lead to brain damage which can cause cerebral palsy.

Jaundice is a medical condition characterized by yellowish skin on a newborn. The yellowish skin is caused by high bilirubin content in the baby’s body. Bilirubin is a substance found in bile. High levels of bilirubin occur in the body when the baby’s liver is unable to break down the element quickly enough and eject it from the body. It is the doctor’s responsibility to identify the symptoms, but if he fails to do so, you may have a persuasive case for recovering medical malpractice injuries on your child’s behalf. You can talk to a BirthInjuryLawyer who understands your case and help you connect a related attorney.

Studies have shown, in America, almost 60% of children are born with Jaundice. Extreme cases of Jaundice can lead to kernicterus, which is a form of brain damage that can lead to cerebral palsy.

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It is essential to know what type of Jaundice your child has to determine the correct type of treatment. Below are the various kinds of Jaundice;

Normal Jaundice – Most children are born with mild Jaundice. The yellow skin usually appears a few weeks after birth. It is advisable to seek medical advice immediately.

Breastfeeding Jaundice – Mothers are advised to breastfeed their children exclusively for at least six months. However, not all mothers have enough milk to breastfeed their children. In such cases, the child can develop Jaundice due to insufficient breast milk.

Breast milk Jaundice – This is a rare form of Jaundice. When the breast milk contains substances that cause the bilirubin levels to rise, then the Jaundice will occur.

Blood incompatibility – When the baby and the mother have incompatible blood types, it can lead to Jaundice.

Premature infant jaundice – The liver is not fully developed in a premature baby. Therefore, they are more likely to have the condition.

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Jaundice is a treatable disease when diagnosed early and treated accordingly. When it escalates to kernicterus, you are likely to notice the following symptoms in your child.

It is essential to understand that cerebral palsy is caused by damage to parts of the brain. It must be clear that Jaundice can cause cerebral palsy. Additionally, Jaundice is uncommon for the two conditions to occur together.

The most important thing is never to leave Jaundice untreated no matter the severity. In some children, Jaundice can be seen only on one part of the body, such as the eyes. This is usually a mild case, however when you notice it spreading seek a medical doctor immediately.

Jaundice can be hard to spot on babies with more melanin or darker skin. In such a case, press your finger or hand on your baby’s skin. If the area turns yellow, then that is an indicator that your child has Jaundice.

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