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How the Cartoon Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf Represents Chinese Culture

Released in 2005, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is a cartoon series that is extremely popular in China and all over the world. In addition to its TV animated series, the plot became part of several movies. Through its all-round development, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf are now considered one of the best examples of the potential of the Chinese animation industry. However, the thriving of Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf is also strictly connected to Chinese culture.

On August 21st, the “2019 China IP Industry Summit” was held in Shenzhen. This cartoon won the Jade Monkey Award: Top Ten Most Commercial Value Anime IP of the Year. This award is hailed as the “Chinese Original IP Oscar.” The summit invited Huang Weiming, the father of “Pleasant Goat,” and Luo Xiaoxing, the President’s Assistant of Alpha Entertainment Co., Ltd. to attend this IP industry event as guests. On the theme of “national tide empowerment, cultural innovation,” a round-table conversation was held among industry peers and well-known experts.

The focus on strengthening national cultural confidence

In the round-table conversation session, more and more Chinese animation brands have become IP-based in recent years; the national tide is also increasingly chased after by young people. In the past two years, Chinese traditional culture has attracted the attention of more young people. China has deep historical and cultural treasures. With the recent prosperous economic growth, Chinese people have gradually raised their cultural confidence.

Huang Weiming said that the 15th anniversary of the “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf” cartoon would be celebrated next year. In 15 years, the audience of this cartoon has become the main force of today’s “national tide”. For this reason, excellent traditional culture endows the connotation of IP. In this way, cartoons can have a “root” and establish cultural confidence.

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Huang Weiming indicates that “Pleasant Goat” has the “national tide” gene in its content. It embeds the uniqueness of the Chinese traditional culture, and it is continuously updated throughout each season. It does not only uses some folk tales but also puts the spirit of Chinese culture in each episode. For example, in 2018, this cartoon launched the Chinese traditional cultural inheritance animation Intelligent Goat School, which made many references to Chinese culture.

It presented scientific knowledge educationally and entertainingly. It also promoted Chinese traditional culture. In this way, the audience can love Chinese culture again by watching this cartoon. “Pleasant Goat” can genuinely achieve that by spreading the best aspects of Chinese animation all over the world.

As an original Chinese anime series, the team behind Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf has been committed to always releasing better cartoons. It has always wanted to provide the audience with dynamic and positive energy. Up to now, they have already published and broadcast more than 2,000 episodes, which were successfully distributed to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

Throughout the past 14 years, the characters in this cartoon have accompanied the growth of a generation, carrying the childhood memories of an age. However, this generation has also become an emerging force in a new animation era.

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