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How Technology is Changing the Way we Watch Television

From the beginning of the 20th century, when the first television program aired, to this day, the way we watch television has changed a lot. TV devices also changed, got bigger but thinner, so now we can keep them in big rooms and watch the shows and channels from a larger distance. The technology has brought us new innovative solutions for watching our favorite content whenever we want and from whatever device we want. Nowadays, there is the possibility to use our mobile phones and computers for these purposes.

Modern innovations are giving us a chance to make our lives easier. The experts are trying to make things less complicated so anyone can use it. Today, when we don’t have a lot of free time for ourselves and we’re in a hurry all the time we should be able to organize doing activities like these easily.

When was the last time you were in a hurry to turn on the TV at the exact time when the movie started? That’s right, you can’t remember as you probably didn’t have to do it for a while. Now you have the chance to be at work or to drink coffee with your friend at the same time your movie’s on TV.

Are annoying advertisements getting on your nerves? Well, tedious commercials remain in the past without any chance to distract you again from watching your favorite content. You can always put a ’pause’ while you go to the kitchen and bring yourself some snacks, sweets, or a beer, or you can simply skip ads even if they appear – that’s how modern today’s options are.

Thinking about this, we come up with lots of explanations and ways this has changed through the years, so we decided to present them to you.

1. Some new alternatives

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Once upon a time, if one could call a period of 15 or 20 years ago like that, TV meant a simple box on a shelf, and it was almost inconceivable that it could have any other shape. However, when applications and services that first made it possible to watch series and movies outside of television appeared, the first innovations in this field started to bloom.

What comes to everyone’s mind when talking about this is the world-renowned service – Netflix. Households that have managed to resist its charms are quite rare and it’s one of the most popular platforms of its type today. Of course, these aren’t the only services that offer the same things – there are also HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime and many others. You can even make your own home cinema! However, for this, you might probably need the help of experts and the assistance of some renowned companies to help you – and you can check this to find out more about it.

The availability of a variety of programs without waiting for a specific hour, the ability to choose the types and genres of programs, as well as follow the latest episodes and additional materials… we have everything in one place. Using these alternatives, we have all the freedom to choose when and how much we will watch exclusively the programs of our interest. It’s true – we couldn’t say that this is reality television, but it definitely has a more advanced system and scheme than a regular one and provides much more convenience.

Smart TV features

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The advent of smart TVs marked the beginning of a new technological era. From the simple and fairly limited use of classic devices, we have come up with great HD stuff that, with the help of Wi-Fi signals, opens the door to a wealth of new features. With it, streaming directly from the internet has become easier than it regularly was, and you no longer need to bother accessing those already mentioned platforms through your phone or tablet and worsen your eyesight.

With devices like this, you can watch everything you would watch on your laptop or computer on a big screen, as well as regular television channels. With the help of certain packages and paid benefits, you can rewind the program chart a few days back and go back to watch a movie or show that has already gone. There are also various media streamers that could help in case you already have this kind of gadget, but without an option for accessing additional channels.

3. YouTube platform emergence

There’s no person who doesn’t watch at least a single video on YouTube on a daily basis. Ever since its creation in 2005, it has been clear that as a separate platform it would attract an enormous amount of attention. And it indeed happened – it became a real sensation. Over time, this has improved further and the website owners have developed many new features – the ability for live streaming, create your own playlists of music, shows and videos, and many other benefits.

The advent of influencers and YouTube money-making stars who earn tones of cash by capturing interesting content for this platform have only firmed its position in the internet world. And not only that – it also diminished the overall use of television. Young people have somewhat lost interest in classic television as everything they care about is at their fingertips on their YouTube feed.

This application keeps track of all current topics, releases the latest movie trailers, and has a huge database of news, shows, and many other useful pieces of content that are often more compelling to younger generations.

Informative apps

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Another aspect that might decrease the popularity of TV watching could be newspaper apps and other informative smartphone applications and features.

For example, most of us have a weather forecast app on our phones – one click away from seeing what the weather will be like in the next week or two. No need to wait for the end of the news or an informative show to find out. In case we want to know more about the political situation in the state or in the world, it’s enough to open any newspaper app, or even a Facebook news feed in order to get informed.

Therefore, it’s quite clear that most people will rather turn to modern features then spend time in front of the big screen and wait for the evening news.

All things considered, we can see that technology actually had both a positive and a negative impact on this aspect and the way it takes part in our daily lives. Some people still can’t live without the conventional version of it, the rest of them find its contemporary and more appropriate features refreshing.

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