What Tasks Do You Need to Outsource While Running an E-commerce Store?

The eCommerce market has grown significantly over the years as people’s daily requirements continue to be met by technology. In 2020, as customers began to spend more money online, global internet sales climbed by more than 24%. These figures are mostly the result of the epidemic, which kept everyone inside and reduced physical and social interaction.

To ensure a smooth operation, it’s crucial to have an inventory of necessities while operating an e-commerce or Amazon FBA business. However, if you are unsure about them, reading this article might help you have a better notion of the kinds of jobs you can delegate to a trustworthy group. Let the infographic below direct you toward the choice that will be best for your company.

Tasks to Outsource while running an E-commerce Store?


Social Media Administration

Nowadays, almost all internet businesses, regardless of size, engage in social media marketing. Unfortunately, a lot of online merchants lack the time to manage their social media profiles.

Although they do have the time, they lack the skills to write interesting, focused tweets, Facebook posts, and hashtags. You may engage a social media manager to manage your social media accounts, or you can hire a consultant with extensive experience to train your staff on how to operate and maintain your social media accounts. If you decide to choose the latter, be sure you pick someone who has significant expertise in dealing with and engaging with customers on social media.

Web page layout

Visitors will quit your website as soon as it loads slowly or has a difficult user interface. By creating a user-friendly website, you may increase visitor engagement by working with a professional designer. Fast, aesthetically pleasing, responsive, and reliable e-commerce sites are more likely to turn visitors into repeat buyers. Fortunately, websites like Freelancer and Upwork have excellent web developers available.

Product Listing Improvement

If you wish to attract the interest of potential customers, your product listing must be properly optimized. Each of these components, from the product name to the chosen photos, has its method of turning prospective leads into actual customers.

The key is to have each of these components work in concert to create a compelling “pitch,” which is difficult to accomplish without the requisite knowledge and abilities.

The good news is that there are many qualified product listing optimization specialists on the market that can assist in enhancing the appearance of your product listings. Always keep in mind that appearance is crucial when selling online.



There is no strategy more powerful than SEO for promoting your online shop. People will find your website with ease if you use the appropriate SEO tactics.

Since SEO is a complex industry, even if you are proficient in some of its facets, it is still recommended to have a seasoned SEO professional on staff who is knowledgeable in his field. A skilled SEO specialist can flawlessly optimize your website for search engines and your intended audience, from keyword research to locating link-building opportunities. You can learn more about some fantastic SEO techniques for your Shopify business by reading our post on “Beginner SEO Tips for Your Shopify Store.”

Consumer Assistance

There isn’t an ideal system. Expert customer service is crucial for day-to-day operations since even the most reliable firms with established procedures encounter unforeseen setbacks. Since you can’t be there for customers all the time, every company requires good customer service. Customers receive the attention they deserve when you delegate inquiries to an auxiliary of your voice.

The beautiful thing about today’s pool of freelancing talent is that many of them have previous employment experience in customer service. Making your life simple and achieving business success may both be greatly improved by hiring someone with experience in customer service.

Stock Control

Finding enough room for your inventory might be one of your worst fears if your internet business sells goods. Many people operate their internet enterprises from their residences, which sometimes lack the storage space needed to keep goods on hand.

Outsourcing the stock-keeping to a fulfillment firm is the best option to deal with the stock management issue. A fulfillment business may handle the full inventory storage and transportation procedure. This implies that the goods are never even touched by your internet business. Online merchants who have shuttered their warehouses and contracted with fulfillment businesses estimate up to 18% higher profit margins.

Administration of Justice

Daily administrative activities take a lot of time. It is preferable to have a VA on staff who can do your daily chores on schedule and to the highest degree of excellence before things spiral out of control.

A general administration VA can do the following duties, among many others:

  • schedule control
  • administration of files
  • Manage your trip plans.
  • Construct presentations

Order Processing


One more significant job you may delegate to a VA is order processing. Your sales process is directly impacted by the procedure.

If you just receive a few orders each day, you might not need to outsource this work. But when you must guarantee the quick and precise processing of each transaction and you receive many orders each day, it becomes very essential.


You also need to consider your other copywriting requirements in addition to strong product pages and all the specialized components that go into making them. There is marketing and advertising collateral, content for all of your outreach initiatives, correspondence with suppliers and customers, and more.

Among the most misunderstood e-commerce marketing duties is copywriting, if not the most. Many business owners believe that anyone who can write can produce quality content. Nothing could be more false. The field of copywriting is highly technical. A skilled copywriter should be knowledgeable about marketing, multiple platform design formats, the psychology of layout, and everything else that goes into writing content.


You won’t have enough time to focus on your main company if you have to handle all the tasks that come with running an internet business, especially if it is still another operation. To save time and maintain healthy business growth, it is important to decide which activities to outsource while running an internet business.

Start by looking for freelancers and businesses you may employ for outsourcing the tasks that are eating up most of your time.

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