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Official eSports Sponsor Natus Vincere

Over the past decade, esports has seen an unprecedented surge in popularity, and with it the rise of professional gaming teams. Among these teams, Navi (Natus Vincere) stands out as a titan of the esports world. What pushes Navi on its way to the top? One vital component is their …

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What Is The Process Of Sponsorship In The UK?

The United Kingdom sponsorship system offers a certificate of sponsorship and ensures that the obtaining party is prepared to assume obligation for a foreign worker and help them in formulating the appropriate documentation for the visa form. The UK company must also ensure that foreign workers have enough money to …

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How Can I Get a UK Sponsor Licence to Employ Foreigners?

With the Brexit process finished, EU citizens, just like other foreigners, need to get a visa to work in the UK. In order to avoid labour shortages and attract as many highly qualified employees in various fields as possible, UK authorities have simplified the procedure for obtaining work visas for …

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