What Is The Process Of Sponsorship In The UK?

The United Kingdom sponsorship system offers a certificate of sponsorship and ensures that the obtaining party is prepared to assume obligation for a foreign worker and help them in formulating the appropriate documentation for the visa form. The UK company must also ensure that foreign workers have enough money to live on by paying them the legal minimum wage.

Employing skilled individuals who are from other countries or in the UK is permitted for UK-based businesses with sponsor licenses. Following approval, the license has a four-year expiration date with the possibility of renewal. Do you want to know the sponsorship procedure in the UK? In that case, make sure to check out this guide.

What Are Different Types Of UK Certificate Of Sponsorship


Certificates of sponsorship (CoS) are computerized records with a specific number assigned to every foreign worker. This number must be utilized by the worker when submitting a work visa application. In addition, it cannot be used more than three months after the date of issuance.

A Certificate of Sponsorship might be either defined or undefined. All potential workers who are from outside of the United Kingdom must have a specific certificate of sponsorship.

Defined Certificates of Sponsorship

It is required for foreign-based candidates to get skilled worker visas. In order to apply for an intra-company transfer visa or alter status to a skilled employee visa, the workers must be outside of the UK and need an Undefined CoS.

Undefined Certificates of Sponsorship

It is used to hire qualified new workers who are already residing in the United Kingdom or prolong the visas of current workers who are already there. It should be utilized by those who are asking for visas for intra-company transfers, among other things.

What Documents Are Required For Sponsor License?


At least four required documents must typically be presented with the form for a skilled worker license. Regardless of if you are characterizing a public entity, startup firm, or SME, the type of company will determine which of the lengthy needed document lists applies to you. Here are a few of the documents that are simple to obtain could, which include:

  • Newest bank statement of the company.
  • Recent audited or unaudited financial statements (audited accounts are compulsory if the business is lawfully accountable for filing audited accounts).
  • Registration for VAT certificate.
  • Firm liability insurance from a licensed insurer in the amount of a minimum of £5 million.
  • Proof of business registration with HMRC, such as a PAYE and Accounts Office Reference Number
  • Evidence of company premises ownership, leasing, or a rental pact.
  • If you are needed to be enlisted or regulated by a monitoring body to conduct legally in the United Kingdom, registration proof is essential.

How To Apply For A Sponsor License?

The application procedure for a sponsor license in the UK is challenging. Several forms are denied each year owing to mistakes, like not submitting the proper paperwork and information or going wrong while addressing Home Office inquiries. To know more about the UK sponsorship and how to acquire it, it is best to check out

The following is the typical procedure for submitting a sponsor license application in the United Kingdom.

Step 1

If the company is already doing business in the UK, you can supply the required paperwork. You must submit four documents mentioned in the supporting materials listed in the online form. It is also necessary to have a single or more individual based in the UK to fill the essential personnel responsibilities in the sponsor system.

A permanent resident of the UK or a citizen of the UK must be the level 1 person in the license application. Verify that the individuals you wish to sponsor will receive a wage that is sufficient, satisfy the language proficiency standards, and accumulate adequate points.

Step 2

It is definitely better to check that you have all the necessary data and paperwork on hand before submitting the online form. After the form is filled out, it is vital to submit it and pay the fee, which is £536 for tiny businesses and charities and $1,476 for massive firms. The regulating administrator has to mark, add the date, and finish the submission paper.

You have to be aware that the sign must be in the regulating officer’s hand and be a “wet ink signature.” After that, you have five days to give the Home Office any necessary paperwork. You can send the email documents till the fifth day after submission.


Step 3

The Home Office should get all the paperwork and a thorough letter by email. Documents should be provided in pdf format, and formats in JPEG and PNG are also supported. The file’s contents should be obvious from the name of the file. In addition to that, the maximum number of characters in the file title should not exceed 25. The entire application procedure might need around two months.

The 10-working day pre-licensing preference assistance is not always available. A few employers might be questioned by the Home Office for several weeks after submitting their original sponsor license application to get the license request accepted. Many companies will probably find it challenging and time-taking to respond to these inquiries.

The application might be rejected if the queries are not responded to, and the pertinent supporting material is not given within a week. The most common route for migrant employees to come into the UK is through a sponsor license and a visa for a skilled worker. There are a few, mostly impractical alternatives to the UK work visa with an employer sponsor and a sponsor license.

Bottom Line

If your application is rejected, you may be prohibited from submitting another application for a sponsor license on behalf of the exact firm for at least six months. You might be allowed to apply for another license right away if your application is initially denied because of a lack of necessary documents.

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