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Quartz Vs Granite: Which Is Better For Your Kitchen? – 2024 Guide

The endless quartz vs. granite debate among their owners has centered around the countertop material of choice. One question has been asked persistently – which one is better? Some owners will prefer one element over the other on the grounds of aesthetics.  What are the differences between those two, and …

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How does Luxury Natural Stone Perform in the Heat and Cold?

Today, stones are handled in resin to last longer through the manufacturing process. These resins are susceptible to certain environmental elements. Temperature variation affects natural stone, as well as other elements. Types of macro-decay occur due to temperature variations, and the general effects of fire include shifts in the color …

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Crystal Meanings – All You Need To Know

Whether you know much about them, or know completely nothing, crystals have a lot of meaning in life. Crystal gemstones are considered by many as conductors for alternative medicine practices. Crystals and gemstones have been widely used in alternative medicine in many cultures, and their popularity in fashion is second …

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