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Crystal Meanings – All You Need To Know

Whether you know much about them, or know completely nothing, crystals have a lot of meaning in life. Crystal gemstones are considered by many as conductors for alternative medicine practices.

Crystals and gemstones have been widely used in alternative medicine in many cultures, and their popularity in fashion is second to none. But it’s not only their versatility in our modern society that makes these so popular. Another great thing about them is the history and meaning behind each precious stone.

So, apart from being used to heal and for accessories, you could find a way of life through crystals and gemstones.

In this article, we are going to tell you all there is to the meaning of crystals and gemstones. Don’t go anywhere as this article might prove useful to you.

1. Agate

The first crystal on this list is the agate, and this is a gemstone that symbolizes strength & courage. These were given to the hunters in ancient society as gifts for good luck and fortune while hunting.

The agate strengthens the body and mind, while also preventing the release of positive energy.

2. Ametrine

The ametrine crystal symbolizes optimism. Everyone that believes behind the meanings of crystals must own an ametrine and use it whenever faith is low.

Much like many of the gemstones on this list, this one is also used to heal the mind and body, to bring closure, and to harmonize your emotions.

3. Clear Quartz

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There are many variations of the quartz, and the clear quartz is certainly a popular gemstone. This stone is meant to energize a person by bringing positive energy to both the body and the mind.

It is used for amplification, for meditation, and for directing positive energy into others. The clear quartz and many others also have healing effects. The healing effects of the clear quartz perfectly suit any person and any condition. This gemstone is best used to treat burns, for improving the immune system, for calming your emotions, and others.

4. Fire Agate

A beautiful crystal that offers even more in return, fire agate is a variation of agate and it is used for courage and protection.

This crystal rejuvenates, strengthens, and enhances your primal abilities to match that of a fighting rhino. This crystal holds a very deep connection with the core of the earth; the fire core that holds everything together.

Fire agate radiates protective energy that protects from evil spirits and negative presences. The gemstone is mostly used to solve digestive problems and problems related to a person’s core.

5. Green Aventurine

When it comes to calmness and tranquility, no crystal does a better job than green aventurine. This gemstone is perfect for balancing the positive energy in both men and women. It does this so well that ancient shamans would always carry green aventurine during rituals.

The calming and tranquil energy that passes through your body while wearing green aventurine will put you in a state of joy, happiness, and emotional perfection.

The healing effects of this gemstone are mostly impacting our bones and muscles. Green aventurine is excellent for headaches, sleep disorders, and everything else that requires loosing up tension in the body.

It is because of these effects that we love wearing crystal jewelry. Its popularity is indisputable and its effects undeniable. There are a lot of places where you can buy gemstones online for the purpose of wearing jewelry such as Make sure to go there and browse through their amazing collection of unique and exotic stones and crystals.

6. Moonstone

There is no better way to start a new beginning than with a moonstone. The gemstone that is strongly connected to the moon is also a feminine stone that marks new beginnings.

The effects of moonstone can easily be described as uplifting and calming. The effects on the body come in the way that it enhances your physical abilities through the energy that passes through you.

The healing effects, however, are best used for relieving tension, anxiety, and stress.

7. Red Jasper

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Red jasper is an earth stone that is very deeply connected with our planet. This stone is responsible for promoting stability and balance in any being that wears it.

It is believed that you’ll feel warmer when wearing this gemstone thanks to the dynamic energy that passes through your body. You’ll also feel quite courageous and tranquil, calming, and stimulating.

8. Rose Quartz

It seems that anything that borders the color red and its shades have something to do with love and peace. Well, that is exactly what the red quartz symbolizes and means to those that care for the art of gemstones.

The stone creates harmony and stabilizes relationships through the energy that flows in our bodies. It opens the loving heart and allows us to easily express our emotions.

But that’s not all this stone is capable of. The rose quartz also has healing effects that are closely tied to the dealings of the heart. Namely, it is said that you will strengthen the heart and your entire circulating system by wearing rose quartz as jewelry.

9. Shiva Lingam

The shiva lingam is a very unique stone that does a very unique job. This stone is singlehandedly responsible for unifying both male and female energy. The origins of this stone date back to India and the god Shiva.

A brilliant gemstone that is also used in many healing practices originating in India, shiva lingam works to create a balance between the male and the female body.

10. Sodalite

The stone of self-truth, sodalite is used to connect the logic originating from our minds and connect it on a physical level. There is a great amount of mystery surrounding this stone as its origins cannot be pinpointed.

This stone is meant to help you seek your truth and to make it final, regardless of the situation. Through acceptance and self believe we can achieve self-truth that promotes who we are as individuals.

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