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Metal Artists Choice: 5 Reasons Why Aluminum Works Best for Custom Made Designs

When it comes to customization, it is no surprise that most metal artists choose aluminum over the rest. Substrates such as wood, plastic, and even the most hardened metal do not stand against it when it comes to versatility, toughness, timelessness, and it’s malleability for more comfortable shaping. Not to …

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What is CNC Programming?

Computer Numerical Control Programming, or something known as CNC in the industry, is a process where manufacturers of the so-called CNC machines are programming them to do a certain task depending on their needs. We all know that people no longer control the machines, so if you want a computer …

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How Do Metal Manufacturing Companies Operate

Maybe you see metals and other products made from metals and wonder how they come about! There must be a very serious work behind it to make them appear the way they are today. The whole process takes a lot of science, technology, and energy from different parties. In this …

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