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Metal Artists Choice: 5 Reasons Why Aluminum Works Best for Custom Made Designs

When it comes to customization, it is no surprise that most metal artists choose aluminum over the rest. Substrates such as wood, plastic, and even the most hardened metal do not stand against it when it comes to versatility, toughness, timelessness, and it’s malleability for more comfortable shaping. Not to mention, these are only some of the reasons why aluminum is a top choice when it comes to having anything custom-built.

Aluminum is one of the top choices when it comes to custom-built materials, even those from They specialize in making tailor-made business signage and décor for businesses and households, and a lot of their customers go for aluminum. If that is not enough to convince you to go for aluminum, you are missing out on its great benefits.

If you’re having thoughts about using aluminum for your business signage needs, here are some of the reasons why it outshines other materials:

When it comes to strength, it’s one thing that you can depend on

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Aluminum is popular for the material’s rigidity and strength. Before production, aluminum is often sold in sheets. Hence, it comes in thin panes, which are often thin and extremely light. However, it comes in five different degrees of thickness, and as the experts say, the thicker the panels are, the greater its strength.

The most common ones are 0.040, which is usually used from thin, small signage like those “for sale” signs used for real estate. Most street signs, such as the ones used for stop signs, are made using a 0.080 gauge of aluminum. The last on the list of the most frequently used type of aluminum sheet is the 0.125 gauge, which is probably the thickest and strongest one. It is usually needed for heavy-duty use, such as for the signage in construction sites.

So, before asking business sign manufacturers to make one for your business, be sure to identify what the purpose really is for. Doing so would make it easier to know which type of aluminum sheet would work best.

Nevertheless, if your business requires signage that is strong as a rock, the one that won’t bow, split, shatter, or warp, choosing aluminum as the material is your best bet.

Affordability is one of its trademarks

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Even with such versatility, longevity, and strength, aluminum is relatively less expensive than most material available in the market. As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the most affordable materials used when it comes to customization. Redwood and even plastics won’t compare to aluminum when it comes to pricing. Hence, aluminum is often considered by sign makers because of its quality and affordability.

Aluminum exudes timeless elegance

Who said elegance needs to be expensive? Definitely not aluminum! Worry not. Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean it’s cheap. While it might not cost a lot, it can definitely look like you did burn a hole in your wallet when you use this material. With this, it comes with a very timeless elegance no matter what finish is used for it. It can be a brushed, polished, or even mirrored finish, and still, the final product would stand out from the rest. It is often used for business signage or even professional use. As a matter of fact, aluminum-made signs are often used in courtrooms, law offices, and some higher education buildings.

Officials or professionals are accustomed to using aluminum for their signage. Spot it on attorneys’ tables, nameplates, courtrooms, or even coffee shops. Why? It has a shiny finish that captures the eyes almost in an instant and makes it easy to stand out even in a crowd.

Versatility is one of its strongest traits

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Unlike most materials, aluminum thrives in almost any situation. Hence, anything customized made from this material survives indoors and even with the harshest weather conditions outdoor. It can hold up against the most extreme weather forecasts, even without treatment or edge-capping. That is why aluminum is more preferred when it comes to outdoor signage, while acrylic and PVC are not.

Aluminum is known for its strength and versatility. When used for outdoor business signage, it is not only rustproof, but it is also waterproof. Therefore, if there is one word to describe its versatility, aluminum is weatherproof!

Notice how it is often used for street signs, rather than steel. Aside from being lighter than the others, it can survive the changing weathers of heat, rain, and even snow without having problems with its treatment.

Aluminum’s malleability is commendable

Of course, when it comes to customization, business sign makers look for something that can be easily plied since most business owners look for materials that would allow their sign to embody their brand’s personality and, at the same time, making them of course, stand out from the rest. With that in mind, aluminum is the way to go.

Since aluminum has a varying thickness, there is a lot of things that can be done with it. First off, it can be screen printed on top! Hence, business signage makers would not need to worry about putting any logo on it. At the same time, it is easier to cut the material into any shape or special designs that are needed. Overall, it is like a blank canvass that makers and business owners can customize according to what and how they want it.

Overall, aluminum sheets are best to ensure that the signage embodies the personality and message of the brand. At the same time, it can be used for any business from the most professional ones to the ones that need a spunky, fun kind of theme to attract their customers.

Without a doubt, aluminum belongs to the top tier of materials when it comes to customizable. It would be difficult to find something as strong, malleable, stylish, and affordable as this one. For custom sign designs, look fora trustworthy maker that can turn thin sheets of aluminum to something beautiful.

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