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How Does “Do Not Track” Browser Setting Work? 2024 Beginner Guide

In the past, users did not pay too much attention to what websites were doing with their data. But after many scandals and discoveries that major companies were selling customer data, users have become more aware of what they want to share. Customer data often ends up in third-party companies …

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The Pros and Cons of iPhone VPNs – Everything You Need to Know

Any VPN software provides unhindered Internet access and many other benefits. With it, you are able to access sites blocked in particular countries. All content will become open to you, you’ll get free access to BBC, Netflix, or Hulu services. The Zorro VPN helps its users replace their IP addresses …

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How to Stay Completely Anonymous Online

When we go online, we are already discovering some information about ourselves, and with each further click, the amount of that information grows. Not only is privacy important on social networks, but you should take care of everything you do on your computer. There are countless opportunities for someone to …

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