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8 Most Popular Sports to Bet On

Sports has become the biggest form of entertainment there is. Professional leagues like the NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA bring in billions of dollars every single year through ticket sales, television deals, and merchandise, among other things. Sports betting has also become popular. Though you may be aware of the …

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Which Sports Have the Most Accurately Predicted Outcomes

If you love sports, then you know that almost nothing beats watching your favorite team beat up their opponents. It’s a feeling like no other, no matter the sport. You can watch it in a group or by yourself, with or without food and drinks, but the fact is, the …

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Will Tyson Fury’s WWE Obsession Cost Him His Boxing Career?

Tyson Fury is a man who loves to be the center of attention. Whether he’s dressed up as Batman for a press conference, singing in the ring at the end of one of his boxing matches, or participating in a ‘no holds barred’ documentary for British television, the World Heavyweight …

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