Which Sports Have the Most Accurately Predicted Outcomes

If you love sports, then you know that almost nothing beats watching your favorite team beat up their opponents. It’s a feeling like no other, no matter the sport. You can watch it in a group or by yourself, with or without food and drinks, but the fact is, the game is always equally fun and suspenseful. One thing that might make that game a slightly more interesting is betting a few bucks on the outcome of the game. Considering that nothing in life is certain, the same thing applies to sports. You can never know what’s going to happen and that is what makes it interesting. To be fair, some things are more likely to happen then the others, but you can never know for sure. So, that uncertainty of the outcome has created one of the biggest industries in the world, sports betting. The amount of money generated annually is absurdly high, several hundreds of billions to be more specific. You can stand to win and lose, big time.

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Naturally, whenever there’s a way for people to make some money in a short amount of time, you know it’s going to be popular. So, that raises the question, how are you able to do that? The simple answer is, predict the correct outcome and that’s it. However, that is way easier said than done. Like we’ve previously mentioned, the outcome of a sports match is never certain, so you need to possess certain knowledge about the game you’re about to play. Because, unlike casino gaming, which is mostly about luck, excluding a few games, sports betting does not really have a luck factor that presents. Sure, it’s unlucky for a team to lose on a last-second shot or a field goal, but that could’ve happened a minute ago as well and it would bring the same result. So, if we forget about that, we can see that luck is not necessarily a factor. Another key difference between sports betting and casino games are that the people who bet on sports usually like sports more than they like gaming. A football fan is going to bet on football more often than on tennis and vice versa. It’s about the game, after all, betting is just a fun bonus.

There are a lot of sports and even more things about them to bet on. However, let’s focus solely on the outcome for the time being. If you wanted to win some money betting on the outcome of the match, which sport should you opt-out for. There are several factors to consider here, but the most important one is the number of possible outcomes. Because, to be fair, it is a game of chance and number after all. Some sports can only end in a win or a loss, and some sports add a draw to the mix. Statistically, placing bets on the sports with the two outcomes theoretically gives you a greater chance to win, since 50% is larger than the 33%. That’s why sometimes football matches can be played in a way where you predict that team A is going to win, but if the end result happens to be a draw, you get your money back. Odds are smaller in that case because of that security blanket of sorts and you can see examples of those and similar predictions on sbo360.com.

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Now that we’ve understood some basic mathematical and statistical aspects to this, let’s talk a little bit about the actual sports that might be easier to correctly predict than the others. Keep in mind, you can never be 100% certain of the outcome and these sports won’t offer guaranteed wins, it’ll just be easier to guess the outcome.

First up, we have boxing. A boxing match is settled by nothing else but the gloves and the minds behind them. It’s unparalleled in the world of martial arts, it’s a sport that has been popular for many years and has been a thing to bet on for ages. But it’s a spectacle even without the betting involved. No outside factors, just two fighters between the ropes. You might wonder why this would be a sport that would be easier to predict if it has a draw as a possible outcome. Well, boxers tend to win if they’re better. Many great boxers have suffered only a handful of losses during their career. Take Mayweather Jr. for example, if you were to bet on him every single time he had fought, you would’ve won every single time. He’s the guy that has never been defeated in his professional career. That’s why boxing is one of the best sports for predicting the outcome.

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Next sport on our list is a sort of a newbie in the world of sports, but it’s certainly taking over – the MMA. Mixed martial arts or MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. Many people call the boxers modern-day gladiators, but that’s just disrespectful to these guys. These guys are using techniques from all kinds of different martial arts (hence the name) during a fight and it’s fairly easy to predict the winner. Of course, there’s still a draw as a possibility, but as it tends to be with the fighters, the better one will usually win.

The final sport on our list of sports that offer you a greater chance of picking a winner is tennis. Tennis is a sport that cannot end in a draw and considering that it’s an individual sport, there are not a lot of things to pay attention to. Soccer and American football seem like an easy thing to predict, but there are 22 guys on the field, it might rain or snow or be extremely windy, and so on. When it comes to tennis there’s just two guys or girls, their strengths and weaknesses, and possibly wind, but if that gets too distracting, the match will stop and continue later.


So the lack of moving pieces and only two possible outcomes make tennis an easy sport to place a bet on. However, a tennis royalty has been known for some time now and those guys don’t lose a lot, so the odds aren’t the best in the world.

There are some honorable mentions like water polo, golf, or female volleyball, but that’s mainly because everyone knows that there are only a handful of elite players that don’t really lose that often so it’s an easy decision to pick them to win. The three previously mentioned ones are the ones that are usually the easiest to predict.

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