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5 Best Ideas to Create More Storage Space at Home in 2024

Storage space is always a premium commodity in any home. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll meet a person who’d say he has more than enough space available to store belongings and knick-knacks. But we’re not talking about any kind of storage space in this article. It has to be quality and purposeful since planning where to put closets and cabinets in your home will affect the interior appeal and resale value.

To renovate or innovate?

There are two ways you can add more storage space in your home – renovate or be creative with what you already have. Of course, if you choose to renovate your property, you’ll need to make a significant investment. The good thing about renovating is that you’ll have ample time to plan and choose what areas of your house to improve to create more space for storing things. Here are the top five tips that recommends to ensure you don’t overspend if you choose to remodel or have new closets and cabinets installed.

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  • Think about the return. Any time you’re spending a significant amount of money for home improvements, you’ll need to consider the value and ROI. Will the new additions add to the resale value of your property? When it comes to storage space, an excellent option would be to have fitted closets in bedrooms instead of standalone furniture. A walk-in closet for the master bedroom is an excellent addition for a wow factor.
  • Come up with a budget. It’s easy for expenses to pile up if you don’t stick to your budget. Any home project can start small and end up becoming costly without tracking every single cost. Even something as simple as adding more storage space to your kitchen or bedrooms should be carefully planned. Once you have a reasonable budget, make sure to stick to it and make practical decisions, especially in choosing materials and designs.
  • Compare contractors. When you’re planning to get work done in your house, you need to choose a contractor carefully. Many homeowners have had horror stories and problems, which you’ll want to avoid, especially if you’re on a tight budget. For something specific such as installing cabinetry and closets, look for a contractor with extensive experience in this type of work. It may take time, but do compare your options and ask for recommendations from people you know. Online feedback and reviews may also help, but personal referrals won’t fail to point you in the right direction.
  • Focus on quality. Even if you want to save money and stick to your budget, don’t be tempted to cut corners. In the long run, high-quality work and materials will pay off more. Splurging isn’t necessary, but make sure that you always choose the best option at the most reasonable price possible. Always ask your contractor if there are alternatives and what the pros and cons of each choice are.

The bottom line is, renovating your property to add storage space is the most sensible solution to increasing the value of your property. But in case you don’t have the time or budget for an extensive home improvement project, the following ideas may be the alternatives you’re looking for. These creative and straightforward additions are innovative and easy enough for a DIY project.

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Maximize the space available under the stairs

If you have a staircase in your house, you may be neglecting the available space underneath. It’s a prime spot for storing everyday items. For example, you can put a shoe cabinet underneath or perhaps use it as a home computer station. If you plan to install some shelves, check with a contractor first if it’s safe to drill a hole in the wall.

Add toe-kick drawers in the kitchen

It’s easy to overlook the available space close to the floor as it’s often inaccessible. One innovative way to maximize storage space in the kitchen is to add drawers at the base of cabinets that you can comfortably kick to close. These drawers are ideal for keeping flat items like baking implements. You can also use these cabinets to keep dish towels and other kitchen tools that will fit inside.

Make use of the extra space above cabinets

The space above cabinets in the kitchen should be used for storage. However, if you want to make it look less cluttered, it’s best to use storage boxes that match the cabinet’s color and style. If you’re willing to spend some money, you can also have the cabinets extended to reach the ceiling. If you’re having trouble reaching the top shelf, a sturdy kitchen ladder will make a great addition.

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Install floating shelves

You can buy floating shelves in almost every size and style from home improvement stores. These are also easy to install and are an excellent addition to any interior. Use them as storage shelves for books in your home office or bedroom, or buy storage boxes for keeping clothes and other knick-knacks. Hanging shelves are the best alternative to built-in closets or freestanding cabinets, which tend to be more expensive.

Add hooks inside cabinet doors

Another simple yet practical storage solution is to add hooks inside every cabinet door. This addition is perfect for keeping clothing orderly and neat. You can also use these hooks to store accessories such as hats, ties, and bags.

When to consider using off-site storage

The solutions discussed above are all practical and simple. But if you need a more drastic option, you can also consider renting an off-site storage space to get rid of clutter. If you plan to buy new furniture for example or have plenty of used clothing that’s taking up too much space, putting them away in storage will help you plan better what to do next. Over time, you can start to think about what to do with the things you have in storage. You can either donate, sell, or give them away. The key here is to decide when you do or don’t need to pay for storage space to not spend unnecessarily on rent.

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