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5 Best Pool Chemicals 2024

Yes, yes, we know – the pool is such an exciting idea! Let’s suppose you’re reading this while waiting for the final installation work to be completed. Or maybe you’re looking out the window at a new, sparkling addition to your yard and you’re over the moon. Who wouldn’t be? Finally, a place where you’ll be able to give yourself a little breather, have a quiet, relaxed moment hidden from prying eyes and enjoy the soothing, zen effects of water.

For some, this is actually the crucial fact, but we still can’t escape the one which says that maintaining your new aquatic favorite is a little more than just paying attention to leaves, branches, and other dirt not to fall into it. Some harmful substances remain invisible to the eye and you need certain equipment, as well as preparations that’ll make possible to eliminate the risk of impurities and potential diseases that might emerge in this way.

The right kind of chemicals will meet these needs and ensure that your pool is safe for swimming and enjoying water activities and having fun. Here are the five most prominent ones that you can easily find and buy online – and they are worth every penny.

1. Arm & Hammer Clear Balance Pool Maintenance tablets

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Number one in the opinion of many, not just ours. These are chlorine tablets that work as sanitizers, serving as a phenomenal assistant to some other means of sanitizing, since with them cleansing is twice as effective. Its main function is actually to remove various types of microorganisms, bacteria and other harmful particles by improving the effect of chlorine and working on optimizing PH values. So, not only will you have crystal clear water, without turbidity and dirt, but you’ll also be sure that all the annoying microorganisms you’re afraid of are a thing of the past.

A single package contains 16 pieces and can be purchased on online platforms, including Amazon. One capsule is used per a chlorine capsule. Most of the reviews are quite positive, which is evidenced by the overall rating of 4.4 / 5 from Amazon.

2. Clorox Pool&Spa Shock Xtra Blue Chlorinating granules

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As a company, Clorox has been known for its exceptional range of pool maintenance products, and this is just one of them – although whichever you choose, you won’t go wrong. They decompose very quickly in water, and in addition to being useful for preventing algae from forming in your small oasis, they also have a beneficial effect on the filter function. At the same time, it works as a sanitizer, but also as a shock, and it’s definitely something you should consider if you want to ensure that corrosion doesn’t occur and spoil your enjoyment.

It’s available in several packages and sizes and is super easy to use – all you have to do is pour the granules from the container into the skimmer – and that’s it. The company also has its own application that tests water quality, pH value and the effect achieved by the product. In addition to this product, on Amazon you can also find it in bags and some other related options that would go perfectly with it. And, at the same time, it’s really affordable!

3. Natural Chemistry 05131 Pool Perfect +

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This, in addition to getting rid of all bacteria and algae that might accumulate on the walls of your pool and in the water, is also one of the options chosen by the owners of the fiberglass units. They need special care and type of maintenance because of the material itself, and thanks to the citric acid formula, you won’t have to worry about persistent phosphate deposits as one of the most common problems in this case. Also, if you own a fiberglass pool or want one, and you live in Hamilton, you can find great maintenance and installation services – so make sure to read more here.

Stains and yellowing become an ugly nightmare from which it’s very easy to wake up, and you’ll be even more thrilled by the fact that everything is on a natural basis, which means that your skin won’t suffer any consequences or complications. Therefore, this is probably one of the better options if children also swim in the unit, since their skin is the most delicate.

4. In The Swim Super Pool Opening Startup Kit

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This is not just a single product – it’s a whole set of chemical products that you can use as a defense force. Basically, things are like this – if you have it, you have almost all that you need to keep everything under control. If your unit is above 30,000 gallons, then this is the right thing for you, although there are versions on Amazon for both smaller and larger dimensions.

In the package, you get stain preventer, algaecide, appropriate chlorine shock, clarifier and sun sorb. This kit is super effective in the fight against discoloration of water in the unit and will especially mean the world to new owners who don’t know where to start. The reviews look great, the rating is fantastic – the only thing users have complained about are the bad instructions, as they think that the products could easily be adapted to smaller units if there were rules for that as well.

5. HTH Shock Super Treatment Pool Chemicals

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Finally, we came up with a preparation that’s especially recommended for owners of those slightly more exotic types that contain saltwater. And, let’s be realistic, it does much more than just destroy algae, as it has such a formula that enables one of the more effective shock treatments. Mainly because of the speed with which it does it, but also because of some other features, such as a sufficiently mild consistency that doesn’t allow problems with stabilization or fading of the edges of the unit.

Reviews generally say that one or two uses completely solve the problems and that the price-quality ratio is absolutely appropriate and satisfactory. Also, they recommend buying a larger quantity of products as the price is so favorable, so they probably should be trusted. The only thing that defies these good features a bit is the fact that this product isn’t intended for cleaning smaller pools either.

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