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Sticky Bonuses Slot Feature Explained

The chances are that everyone has noticed at least one casino ad with some kind of a promotion. Various rewards everywhere you look, promotional codes, cashback, free spins, and many other benefits of playing casino games (especially slots) has become a normal thing to see, and this is no coincidence. Due to the huge amount of players now joining online casinos, these sites know that in order to stand out from the rest and attract those new users, they must do something extraordinary and offer something special to players, which is, from the players’ point of view, pretty great. Typically this comes in the form of generous rewards that players can enjoy, and everything from free spins to cashback is offered to try and draw new players – play at SlotsBaby.

Sometimes, it can be challenging deciding which you would like the most as it is not always clear what each one brings and what it exactly is. Things such as cashback and matched betting are often passed on in favor of the easily understood free spins despite being just as a useful perk. The one bonus that many players don’t know too much about is the sticky bonus, and here you can read all about sticky bonuses. To know what to expect from bonuses overall, first, you must understand the difference between sticky and payable bonuses.

What is a Sticky Bonus?

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Before we start, we must mention how important it is to be well informed and to do proper research before you start playing your favorite casino game. Every casino has its own rules regarding withdrawal, payment methods, and how someone can cash out or use their bonuses.

Since there are two types of promotions, the one you can withdraw means that you can get money after you meet the bonus transfer requirements.

The other type of these rewards is called a sticky, or a “phantom” bonus. The phantom bonus is a feature that is essentially a respin feature with a few key differences. It usually involves wild symbols on the reels, and it can lead to large winnings time and again. Furthermore, by locking symbols in place, players can trigger this feature more than once! Even though it is a relatively modern addition to slot features, only introduced to slot machines when they started producing video slots in the nineteen-eighties, it is one of the players’ favorite.

What makes them unique is that, unlike other rewards, you can use the phantom bonus only for games, and you cannot withdraw them, which can make someone who is not familiar with how the things work skeptical, but actually, those sticky bonuses can lead up to much higher winnings, if properly used. The other advantage is regarding bankroll limitations.

How does bankroll limitation work? Well, to put it simply, depending on how you look at it – when luck is not on your side, even though you wager both the deposit and the bonus, you lose only the first one. The other angle is that when you bet the bonus, you keep the winnings, and there is no loss as the bonus will cover that.

One of the most common types of these rewards is the one that new players get when they create the account – a sort of a reward known as a welcoming bonus. One can also get some kind of a promotion when they deposit money, but those bonuses are less likely to be sticky, depending on the casino policy.

How Does the Sticky Bonus Work Exactly?

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Triggering a sticky bonus is simple once you learn how to do it. Basically, it will be triggered when the player manages to get all the reels matching with the correct symbol, they will then be given the opportunity to respin and stick symbols such as the wilds on the reels as the rest of the symbols spin. All this gives players a much better chance to hit a wild than in a normal game, meaning a higher chance for higher earnings. The phantom bonus is completed once players will not be able to match any more symbols. The purpose of the sticky bonus is a motivation for players as it improves their chance to make the most out of their money.

Benefits of Sticky Bonus

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Compared to the regular slot games, there is a huge advantage of playing a slot with these rewards. That huge benefit is that when players are at the sticky slot machines, they can manipulate the wilds. Everyone who has ever played any slot game knows that with a regular slot, it is incredibly difficult to trigger a wild as they are moving with each spin of the reel, but thanks to the sticky wilds bonus, players can make the symbol stick around for a little longer, increasing their chances of triggering it! Overall, they are quite tempting and generally offer huge amounts of extra play resources.

Games which Feature Sticky Bonus

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Even though it is not a classic feature of slot games, it was highly embraced by players and has become an incredibly common feature. Many modern games will feature a phantom bonus, such as sticky wilds. Thanks to the ever-evolving nature of slot games, we can rightfully expect developers to create even more types of these bonuses as the slot technology evolves, but for now, the best games that feature a phantom bonus include Rainbow Riches: Pots Of Gold, The Codfather, and The Great Albini.


Sticky bonuses are incredibly useful and helpful and are becoming more and more commonplace in slots. Sticky wilds, in particular, are one of the most popular versions of this feature. With many benefits and more games than ever before implementing them, the phantom bonus is a popular addition to slot gaming. By playing these slots, one can easily make risk-free profits and have great fun altogether. The only thing that remains is to start the game, enjoy its features, and, of course, earn some cash.

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